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Older Model S - is it possible to remove outer tail light without removing charge port?

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A friend of mine has a cracked left tail light lens on their North American 2015 Model S and I offered to help him replace it. There is body damage to the quarter panel where the light is located.

I purchased a used tail light from eBay, watched some videos to familiarize myself with the procedure, and started to remove the 4 Torx bolts holding the charge port assembly in place. The 2 forward-most bolts came out easily, but the 2 rear bolts just spin as if the captured nuts got damaged during his collision and are no longer attached to the car body.

After removing the 3 tail light lens nuts I tried to pull out the broken tail light, but it wouldn't budge. I don't know if that's due to it being held in place by twisted aluminum or does the charge port being in place prevent it from being removed?

I'm hoping that someone who has done this can confirm whether the inner charge port assembly does in fact need to be removed in order to remove the outer tail light lens.

the left tailight come out w/ the charge door. (best option) or you can disconnect the charge unit and get access to the nuts circle red.
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Yes, you need to loose the charge port but not to remove. To give some more play with the door and the light it’s good to also loose the HV cable bracket on the inner sidewall of the trunk, again not needed to remove. So you only disconnect the light connector and the charge port door wire connector. You can’t move the light if the door has not been slide out (in one unit: door attached to the light) of the recess on the quarter panel. After that you can unbolt the door from the light.
Also the bolts that you think are spinning around might have stripped the thread as it’s a nut welded on the body. At least this is on the EU version of the car. See the photos.


EU version of the charge port.


Removed light with the door attached on


section from the port removal guide


section of the removal of left rear light


installation of the light