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Oscillation/shudder in M3AWD when less than 1mph

Had my front motor replaced a few months back. Since then, I have noticed that there is a slight shudder in the car when decelerating. It happens right as the car is coming to a stop, around 1MPH. It's enough to be annoying.
Also noticed it if at a stop, I slowly hit the accelerator to inch forward. As it slows it shudders again.
When I go in reverse I notice as well.
Brought it to local SC, they replicated it and said it's because the front and rear motor are not in sync and their cars do it to. Told me to live with it essentially. In the service record they indicated "could not reproduce" even though they verbally told me they could.
I don't really feel like I should live with this. This wasnt a problem before they swapped out the front motor.