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P85D - Red Multi-Coat, Grey, Pano, LOADED - No Longer Available

P85D - Red Multi-Coat, Grey, Pano, LOADED

Delivered December 31, 2014

3500 Miles, Excellent Condition.

Always garaged, home and work. I don't drive my Tesla if weather's bad.

Insane mode is very fun - this unit has the sportier handling that is NOT included on newer P85D's (Built after April)

Without the extras this incredible car cost $135k.

Ceramic Pro coating on entire car
Xpel clear bra on hood and panels
All-weather Mats
Set of Cyclone 19" wheels with winter tires
Car cover

Smart Air Suspension
Red Multi-Coat Color
Pano Roof
Premium Interior Lighting
Napa Leather Trim
Next Generation Seats
Alcantra Headliner
Carbon Fiber Decor Accents
Tech Package with Autopilot
UHFi Sound Package
Premium Interior Package
Twin Chargers
Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Center Console
Subzero Weather Package

About the only thing not ordered was rear-facing seats.

Let me know if you can't pick it up, we can probably figure it out.

List Date: 8/9/2015
Location: Denver, CO, United States

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This item is no longer available.



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For Real?

OK, I priced this where people are saying these should be priced, even though it hurt to do it, and not even a comment? This car is pristine. Extra set of wheels (cyclones) and winter tires - that's like $4,000 right there. I realize if you're in CA or AZ you probably don't care about the winter tires. OK, the other extras are pretty sweet too.

If you want a red P85D - I just took your depreciation hit for you! Even without the tax credits this is an INCREDIBLY GOOD DEAL. Don't make me take this to CarMax and get screwed! :scared:
I love your car and would love to buy it. I'd have to sell my S85 and make you an offer; however, timing is not right for me in light of upcoming remodeling plans. In other words, I would love to but I can't afford it right now.

I really, really, really wish I could though. Love the color and the options.

Whoever ends up with this will be very happy.
I'll give you $100,000, can pick up Friday or Sunday. Might need a ride from the airport.

/Edit, Would have to be Sunday. I have to work Sat and forgot the I-80 Superchargers aren't built out yet.

/Double edit, I am serious, if you want to move this car asap. I'd need to know by Friday though so I can wire the money to you while the bank is open.
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While I agree that you have the car priced well with all of those options, the issue for some of us is we don't want or need the options you picked. In pricing out the P85D of my dreams, the price comes in at about $122,000. With the $10,000 in rebates, I'm at the same price as you are asking, only brand new and the color I want (the new blue). I think you just need the right person who wants exactly what you have to complete the deal. If this was exactly what I wanted (optioned at $122,00) and was $102,000 I'd be wiring you the money ASAP. Good luck with the sale.
The car I'm looking at right now (85D or 90D) options out to about 100,000 after the tax rebate. (I don't count gas savings as I don't drive much) This car listed has every option more or less I want except it has a different paint choice. Still unanswered is the question about the Next Gen seats being both front and rear or just front. I'd prefer just front as I need to lay the back seats down often and I guess that's not really possible with the NG back seats. The one thing I don't need in any way is the "P" portion. The normal version of the car is just fine for my needs. I will allow there is some value to it, so I can go up to $105,000 but that's it. As I mentioned above, i can fly out anytime, I'm only 1 state over.

PM me if you want to move this car sooner then later.