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Polestar and Rivian urge more drastic climate action

EVs ‘are not enough’: Polestar and Rivian urge more drastic climate action​

Which is interesting given Rivian's massive trucks and SUVs.

"Despite a massive rollout of new EVs and hybrids in the coming years, the global automotive industry is still “far off track”
on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a way that can meet targets set by the Paris agreement...
Still, most automakers are leading their EV rollouts with large SUVs and trucks — in part because their higher price tags
help finance the EV revolution — even though those vehicles are less environmentally friendly due to their greater charging
needs and additional resources required for production."


I know: this article dates from February this year... Still, it has validity IMO.

Question is: what would be viable alternatives?
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I was skeptical of the coal powered EV producing less CO2 than gas powered equivalents. Then I ran the calculations for myself.

Summary of CO2 emissions per 100km (kg)
Tesla Model 3 Ontario electricity mix 0.9
Tesla Model 3 Natural Gas 8.8
Tesla Model 3 Coal 21.5
Corolla highway driving 18.7
Corolla city driving 26.1

Details is the attached pdf.

After thinking about it does make sense. In an EV you are using the coal very efficiently. In an ICE vehicle the gasoline is used very inefficiently.

Comments welcome. Perhaps comparing to a larger car would have been better. Maybe I slipped a decimal point?
Another point people miss is that an Ev built today gets cleaner over time as the grid gets cleaner where an ICE car gets dirtier as it ages.

interesting review...looks better then the model 3 to me...but not quite as sharp as the lucid air.