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powder coating colors for the Model S Plaid 21" Arachnids

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I have a MSM Plaid and don't like how the grey arachnid wheel color matches the MSM paint. I have seen photos of people powder coating them in gloss black to match the gloss black trim, however I don't like the look of the gloss black on the wheels. Further, I believe the center caps are in satin black. Mixing gloss and satin on the wheels seems like a bad idea.

Several questions. Does anyone know the paint code for the grey on the Plaid/refresh factory 21" arachnid wheels? I am wondering if it is gloss or satin.

I was thinking grey that is darker than the factory grey may look good on the wheels. Has anyone done that on a MSM Model S?

Has anyone done satin black on the Refresh/Plaid 21" arachnid wheels?

Please include photos. Thank you!
Not exactly what you were looking for, but I just did mine in Prismatic Powders - Ultra Black Chrome (which I wanted since it was lighter than the Gray that Tesla uses)

You can search for and request samples just to be certain of the color you want.


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