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Power Company crediting electric production monthly

Not sure how i feel about this because I can't really wrap my head around whether this is a good thing financially or not...

I turned my solar system on during the second week of June, and promptly called PSE&G to change my annual production reconciliation date to March. Although I knew that my town had entered into an electric aggregation agreement with a third party supplier (which specifically excluded homes with solar systems), what I didn't know was that the start date was June 1st and because I didn't have a system online on that date I was signed up through the aggregation contract. Because of this, PSE&G is taking any excess electricity I produce and crediting it through the third party supplier into my monthly bill. It is crediting this as a supply at the slightly lower rate than PSE&G's rate (it isn't a large difference). The interesting thing is that the credit applies to the total bill, not just the electric side, and as I have gas heat, the excess is actually paying off my monthly gas bill as well as my electric fees in their entirety right now (meaning I have a balance due of a credit!). So my questions are:

1) Has this happened to anyone and how long before the third party supplier catches on and kicks me off the aggregation (this is the first month I have a large credit ($70) on my bill overall)
2) Is this better than building up a surplus of electric production? It seems like it kind of is as I anticipate producing slightly more than my electric usage for the year.
3) Is there any reason I should be contacting anyone (the supplier, PSE&G) about this?