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PowerWall 3 with optimizers or microinverters

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Another huge benefit to string systems moving forward with panel prices dropping and NEM fading away is using different orientations to maximize production during different periods of the day or season. Our last install was ~12.8kW on a 10kW inverter. Typically oversizing by ~1.3 would experience some clipping but this consists of 3 strings facing different directions. Each string will be able to output without clipping at different times of the year or day.

We took advantage of cheap panels to add ~12kW to a friends system for <$4k. More clipping but A LOT more production. 12kW of micro inverters alone would have cost >$6k. And the energy that is clipped is ~worthless anyway since it would have been exported and he gets no credit for exports.

IMHO vertically mounted panels is going to be the next big thing in solar. If you have a string inverter with an empty MPPT channel adding a string vertically on a west facing wall or fence to collect that sweet sweet 7pm production is going to be super-easy. No additional circuit capacity. No muss to fuss. Not so much with micro-inverters.
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I know I'm being biased, but I just have an issue with a lot of these other vendors when the warranty looks so short. I think most consumers don't want to replace anything themselves unlike you or me even. Fronius has warranties of 10 years in the US it looks like, some countries, it looks even much shorter (5 years it looks like for Australia, unless you register. What if your system was already installed and they didn't register?), you can see in the link below. Default is 2 year I think. I question if their product was that great, just give a very very long warranty so consumers have the confidence that they themselves believe they are confident in their own product too and will be around to swap it out.

The WARRANTY PERIOD is two (2) years. Depending on the COUNTRY, a longer WARRANTY PERIOD may apply - see Section B. Warranty claims must be asserted within the WARRANTY PERIOD in accordance with Section 8."