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Powerwall only discharge for a few mins then revert to being charged.

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HI All, I had 2 x powerwall 2's working for a couple of months and have the following settings.

90% Time Based Control
Time Based control -- On
utility Rate Plan 23:30 -- 05:30 off peak buy 7p sell 0
05:30 -- 23:30 peak buy 30p sell 15p
Energy Exports set to Solar
Grid Charging set to yes.

This works well as it charges my powerwall at night at 7p and any solar is sold during the day at 15p.

But we have had quite a few miserable days here in the UK so I thought I would try and get it to discharge to the grid . I have dno authority for 11.3 Kw G99.

So I set the energy exports to everything and initially I saw 10KW from the 2 powerwalls going to the grid ( Happy Days ). But after 3 mins it stopped and then started charging the batteries from solar. Anybody have any idea why this would be ?

I also have a solar edge 8kw inverter.

Thanks in advance