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Powerwall+ system reporting double solar production: Am I supposed to have both PW and Neurio reporting?

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I have a Powerwall+ and solar system with a separate Tesla Gateway box (installed by a third party installer).
I believe my solar production numbers are doubled. I first noticed this indirectly because it makes my house consumption appear higher than expected and I believe I have confirmed by summing up the MPPT data that I can see in the Tesla One installer app.

I see from the (installer) app that I have solar readings from both the Neurio meter in the inverter and also one labeled Powerwall+. Both of these individually report the same (what It suspect is the correct) number and I’m guessing that the Tesla app is adding these?

My question is - Is it normal to have both of these configured? Maybe since I have a separate gateway I am not supposed to even use the Neurio? Or maybe these are misconfigured and the system doesn’t recognize them as the same metric?

Can anyone look at these screenshots and tell me if it’s normal to see two readings for solar like this?

Thanks for any info!
Meter X is the primary meters in gateway to grid. Meter Y is usually configured for solar (stand alone tesla inverter or third party solar). You didn’t describe your system other then PW+. I’m going to guess 84997 is for non backed up loads and GF2 is the powerwall+ built in solar meter.
Can you drill in to the bottom three CT’s and post screen shots of settings please.
I would suggest turning off Meter Y.
Also upload photos directly, not links to Imgur..
Hi, thanks for the reply. So my system is a Powerwall+ with the integrated inverter stacked on top and then a separate Gateway 2 box acting as the service equipment (main switch) and site controller. Downstream of the gateway I have a SPAN panel, so there should be no loads on the “non-backup” path (The entire house is on backup and the SPAN sheds circuits as needed). I believe that MeterY is CT1 which (I believe) is clamped onto the 50 amp circuit going from the gateway to the PW+. The Neurio device is inside the inverter box on top of the powerwall and I can see it clamped onto L1 as it probably came from the factory that way. My issue, again, is that I seem to report 2x the solar production (which is then reflected as the house consumption number being too high). I’m attaching a screenshot of the three CT drill down pages. Thanks again!

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 11.27.20 AM.png
After failing to find an answer on this and while waiting for my installer to be available to check it out, I just went ahead and configured the Neurio meter to "not configured". Now all of the numbers seem correct to me. (House consumption matches what my SPAN panel says and matches the MPPT numbers.). If anyone thinks I'm doing something very bad by disabling the Neurio meter in the inverter or more generally if I'm misunderstanding something more basic, please let me know.