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Recent Calls & Favourites not Syncing alongside only partial/old contacts showing - pls help


I was wondering if anyone can help with what is an extreme frustrating problem pls.

I have a new 2023 MY on company car lease
I’m primary account holder and the lease company added my wife as a secondary driver to the car
I have a iPhone 12 Pro and a Gmail account
My Wife has a iPhone 11 & a Hotmail account
Both phones have been successfully setup with Car Key
My Phone has been successfully Sync’d and I can see all contacts, calls made & favourites.
My Wife’s Phone has been partially Sync’d. She sees 6 x very old & random contacts yet NO favourites nor made or received calls

I’ve gone through every “process of elimination step” possible including:
Unpairing and removing all devices
Re-joining each phone in isolation
Reset the the MY Bluetooth settings via the 2 x button reset process
Removed my wife mail account and gone through the above steps
Setup my wife on another iPhone (iPhone 8) – with no success

Even more strange, yet promising, is that I successfully sync’d my daughters iPhone X (who has an Outlook account) & she COULD see all contacts, calls made & favourites

Any help, or similar pain, out there and potential solution/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.