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Registering for Tesla 24/7 service

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So yesterday I found out that you actually have to register your car with Tesla 24/7 support even if you purchased your car directly from Tesla; as I had done with my CPO Roadster 545. No one at the time of purchase informed me that I had to do this until I found out this past weekend when I needed the support to have the car towed (separate thread about that issue).

When I called to request service they told me that my car was still registered under the previous owner and looked as though it was out of warranty in their system. I informed them that I purchased the car CPO through Tesla and was still under the CPO warranty. They had to look me up in a "separate system," and after several minutes "found me."

I figured I'd inform other owners here in case, like me, you also were unaware of this.

Apparently, you are supposed to send an email to [email protected] with the following info to register yourself for the support line:

Mailing Address
Copy of your drivers license
Copy of Title or Registration
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I had to do this also when I purchased my Roadster (#1195). However, mine was purchased through a third-party used car dealership, and was not a warrantied/CPO car. But, I sent Tesla a copy of the title and all of my personal info to get the car registered in the system. Main reason I had to do this was to get them to give me the PIN (that info was not communicated from the original owner, to the dealership, to me).
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