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Vendor Six days left to win an EV, taxes paid!

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Sep 21, 2018
Climate XChange's 8th Annual EV Raffle fundraiser (www.carbonraffle.org) has just under one week to go, and we have over 1300 tickets remaining! Grand Prize is an EV of your choice, priced at up to $112,835 - the price of a fully-loaded Model X Plaid - plus we pay the taxes and provide $5000 cash to install a charger or pay for charging. And there are four cash prizes from $10,000 to $2000.

Please help us sustain our programs to track and improve states' climate policies by buying a ticket now - you will either get better than expected odds, or help us reach our goal of selling out by the Feb 27 deadline (we've sold out the past three years, usually a day or two before the deadline). Drawing is Feb 29. Proceeds from this nonprofit raffle support our programs including the State Climate Policy Dashboard, recommended as a climate resource by the EPA and NY Times.

More info - including a real-time ticket sales "speedometer" - and tickets at www.carbonraffle.org
Great way to support climate work and have a chance to get another Tesla! One in 5,000- better odds than most raffles!
Got my ticket.
Thank you, @Solar Windman ! Right now your odds are about 1 in 4200 of winning a car, and 1 in 840 of winning a prize including the four cash prizes of $2K to $10K! We still have 800 tickets to sell in the 26.5 hours remaining until sales must end, 2/27 @2pm Eastern. We're doing okay but a sellout would definitely help our budgeting for our next fiscal year. Please consider buying a ticket - you'll know very soon if you won!

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 10.55.49.png
Thanks to all who participated in our 8th Annual EV Raffle! We ended sales on Tuesday after selling 4569 tickets, 91% of the 5000 available. Thursday we held the drawing, streamed live on YouTube - replay is available here.

Congratulations to our winners!
Grand Prize of any EV, taxes paid: #1740 – Hinrich Koehler, Florida
2nd Prize of $10,000: #2911 – Demetrius Mosley, Arizona
3rd Prize of $5,000: #39 – Derek Schnack, Illinois
4th Prize of $3000: #1434 – Michael Blanchard, Florida
5th Prize of $2000: #1799 – Drew Jones, Illinois

Please visit carbonraffle.org for more information about this and previous raffles, and to be notified when we launch our next raffle in the fall. And visit climate-xchange.org to learn more about our nonprofit work advancing state climate policy, that proceeds from this raffle support.

Thanks again, and see you next raffle!
Thanks CXCRaffle! Climate change is real, and I glad to support climage-xchange.org.
I have a hobby of making songs and you may want to check out the music video for my song, My Electric Car.
If you enjoy it, I would really appreciate a "like" and a "subscribe" on YouTube. And if you could share it with others. I would love to share the song with membersstaff of climate-xchange.org, if you could let me know how I could do this. This music video has no obscenties, vulgarity or hate speech (how different than most modern songs!) Of course, I would love to have feedback.
Background info:
This is a music video set to the song by Indie artist, Solar Windman®, discussing the sociopolitical aspects of owning an electric car. This is an international song. When you see the music video, you will see what I mean. My Electric Car is available on your favorite music streaming site, and this YouTube music video is offered up for your viewing pleasure.
I purchased my Model 3 Dec. 2023, just in time to get the full tax credit (USA) and am loving it!! Everyone has their own reason for being part of the early adopters for EV's: some are engineering types, some love the performance, some like the speed, some like being on the cutting edge of technology or fashion. But I think most of us also believe in science and hope that if we transition to electric vehicles, it will make a significant difference in our carbon emissions and be a part of the puzzle piece to help reduce the impact of climate change. In the U.S. it has become a battle between ICE and EV, unfortunately politicized, and Tesla has their own billionaire enemies. I actually wrote this song before I got an EV, after wanting one for years, so I could free myself from the petro pump and break away, just a little, from the petrochemical industry. Although modern life would not be possible without the petrochemical industry, we can certainly do without transportation emissions.