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Vendor One month left to win a Model S Plaid or any other EV, taxes paid!

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Sep 21, 2018

Climate XChange's 8th Annual EV Raffle has just over one month to go, and we've sold just about half of our 5000 tickets. Buying a ticket now means you either get better than expected odds, or you help us reach our goal of selling out by the Feb 27 deadline. Drawing is Feb 29.

Grand Prize is your choice of any EV available for sale and June delivery in the US, priced up to $112,835 (the price of a fully loaded Model X Plaid), with taxes paid and $5000 cash to use towards installing an EV charger or for charging network fees on the road. There are also four cash prizes of $2000 to $10,000.

Climate XChange is a Boston-based 501c3 nonprofit. Proceeds from this raffle support our programs including the State Climate Policy Dashboard, recommended as a climate resource by the EPA and NY Times.

Please buy a ticket today - and you might win while supporting state climate policy. More info and tickets here.

We all of course love (and many own) Teslas on this forum, but what EV would you choose if you win? Lots of different models to choose from this year.

Rivian R1T R1S One month left to win a Rivian or any other EV, taxes paid! 1706305846317
Right now your odds are about 1 in 4200 of winning a car, and 1 in 840 of winning a prize including the four cash prizes of $2K to $10K! We still have 800 tickets to sell in the 26.5 hours remaining until sales must end, 2/27 @2pm Eastern. We're doing okay but a sellout would definitely help our budgeting for our next fiscal year. Please consider buying a ticket - you'll know very soon if you won!

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