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Solid metal roof Model S roof rack

I own 2014 Model S with a solid metal roof.

Since Tesla's roof rack only fits pano glass roof, I am wondering if anyone can recommend me a roof rack with a sold metal roof for my car.

Thank you in advance for your time and help in this.
I'd also love to hear about anyone's solution here. (Also have a 2014 metal roof).I've

been considering the Seasucker Monkey Bars but I haven't been able to find good information on whether they'll work or are appropriate for the metal roof.
Yeah, for sure. A lot of the solid roof is definitely not very rigid.

Looking at a model of where the frame is e.g. Tesla Model S Frame 3D model | 3D Molier International it looks like the SeaSucker would either have to attach at:

1) the front windshield and middle where the front and back doors meet, or

2) the middle where the doors meet and the back window on the hatch. Those match the places that feel relatively solid when I press lightly on the roof too. I can't tell if there's enough solid width in the middle for the double 6" SeaSucker cups.

Because of the curvature of the roof, it looks like it'd be angled very "downward" towards the nose with option 1 (front). Option 2 looks like it'd be angled quite upwards. I'm not sure if that would be a concern for the amount of lift depending on cargo. Hmm... :(

Another potential option I found is a Rhino Rack with clamp feet. But their site doesn't have a specific recommendation for clamps (they only talk about the fixed point mount for pano roofs for Model S) and looking at how the trim is done around the door, I'm not confident of them being able to solidly attach, preferably without crushing or scratching something.
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