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Steam on model 2023 WiFi does not stay connected

Just got my model X 2023 last week and have been trying to download a game on steam (plays great on deck) and it clearly states on the dash “games will continue to download on available WiFi if you exit your vehicle while steam is running) well that’s not the case. The minute I walk out it shuts down and that’s that.

I notice on the internet settings it doesn’t show my “WiFi” name but enabled WiFi is on. As well as the car itself is connected to WiFi . It only shows “Tesla Network” and “no other networks found”

I’m sure there is way to do this as I see other people playing steam on their new X/S.


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Here’s the best solution I’ve come up with that won’t work for everyone…

Park in your garage and leave the door open while downloads occur.

For model X this means I had to turn off Bluetooth on my phone which disables the phone key so the door doesn’t automatically shut, which results in turning off the vehicle and stopping downloads.