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Streaming using voice commands in V10

I have had V10 installed for about a day, and I found that I could no longer use voice command to stream audio contents.

Pre-V10, I could say 'play <song name>' or 'play <radio station codename>' and in most cases it would be able to play the contents I requested. With V10, it would show me a list of 'top' results for what I requested. That beats the purpose of using voice commands, really. The whole point is to not look at or touch the screen.

I also tried 'play <something> on <streaming source>' and that didn't seem to work.

Any insight on how to get the pre-V10 behavior with streaming using voice commands?
Same experience. A backward move for sure. It made me a bit angry as voice command to a specific station, source and artist was seamless and a great demo for newbies to Tesla. Now it's just a distraction we don't need.