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Sunny Sun Sun - My first Tesla road trip from UK to Spain

Did such stupidity (read: driving for at least 4 days for holiday) back in 2016. Had someone to change driver seats with me but did not like it that much... Now car changed, I was a single driver but though - welp, let's try again.

Warning - Long read, almost biblical.

TLDR: No regrets. Super easy, barely an inconvenience. Arrived more or less fresh without any tiredness. Result. Might even repeat! SC is significantly cheaper in France than UK and Spain is about 10% more expensive as France but still noticeably cheaper than UK)

Outbound Trip was from Leicestershire in UK to Oropesa Del Mar in Spain (Valencian community). Original target destination was actually Peniscola, which was about 1 hour drive closer, but Organic fertilisers hit the fan, hence change of plan. On return we had a plan to do a small detour to Andorra (as never been there) and to spend half a day in Paris with overnight stay there (just do not google "1 night in Paris" though).

Total trip was following: Leicestershire 6 AM with 95% SOC > Folkestone (Eurotunnel) > Clermont-Ferrand (overnight stay) > Peniscola Oropesa Del Mar > Local driving (visit Valencia, etc.) > Andorra La Vella > Toulouse (overnight stay) > Paris > Calais (Eurotunnel) in the evening > Leicestershire sometime after midnight


Car was loaded with stuff for holidays (luggage for 2 adults & 2 teens + 2 x Tommy Bahama beach chairs (highly recommended stuff) and we departed 6:00 from Home.

On top of that, my additional equipment for the trip included: Tough Leads waterproof granny-Schucko adapter EV granny charger weatherproof travel adaptors (used once!), Bip&Go tag for road tolls (referral available), applicable for France, Spain, Portugal and Italy (total tolls for the trip was 172 eur) and an Electroverse RFID card (very good addition for Spain, works with Iberdrolla DC chargers!).

We took Eurotunnel, as outbound journey was fully covered with Tesco Vouchers. Our aim was to reach Clermont-Ferrand as early as possible, where we had our overnight stay booked. Youtube for whole 30 minutes while travel ;)

Initially first charge was proposed somewhere before Folkestone, but my original plan was to stop for the first charge in Coquelles SC, France. HOWEVER, this turned to be super busy and V2, so the first charge was a bit down further in France at the Boulogne-Sur-Mer, where we arrived with 7% SOC and decided to stop for the lunch at Pizzeria in the shopping centre (while car was charging). Note - it was Sunday, so everything else was closed. Charged to 85% (59 kwh) in 39 minutes (while we were eating) and it cost us £ 16.93.

Next stop was planned by car itself and it was 175 miles down the road at Velizy SC, in South of Paris. It is quite busy Supercharger, close to shopping mall (almost all cars charging there were with non-French reg plates). We arrived with 16% (driving ~ 120 kmh where Speed Limit 130, or 110 where SL is 110), charged for 35 minutes up to 85% (while using toilets and buying coffee + ice cream at the Mall). Cost - £14.15. By the way, to reach this one I took A86 Duplex tunnel - bizarre and highly recommended route in super long and low toll tunnel. super quick bypass of Paris and definitely one to use!!!


Next stop - Bourges SC, where we decided to stop for the dinner. It is 143 miles down the road and is located near hotel and couple of restaurants. Arrived with 27% and charged up to 61% in 15 minutes at cost of £ 9.67 and I moved the car as I did not need more charge and wanted to eat.. It takes couple of minutes on foot to go to restaurant there.

Last charge for the day was in Clermont-Ferrand. It is 113 miles down the road and we arrived there with 11% and we charged there to 80% in 34 minutes (cost - £18.71). This one we spent time in car watching Youtube, as it was just 5 minutes away from our hotel, but I wanted to have charge for next day.

Total Day 1: ~654 miles / ~ 1052 km, about 2 hrs of charging (34 min charge for next day, so can reduce that?), 188,4 Kwh added at total cost of £59.5; average consumption net 301/ gross 304 wh/mi and average speed 61.2 mph
After breakfast we departed towards our initial target- Peniscola. Departed with about 79%. On our way we crossed Millau Viaduct - the tallest bridge in the world! Always an experience!


First charge - Ayre du Caylar, which was 3 hrs/166 miles down the road from Clermont-Ferrand. Busy place with food and toilets available. But 8 V2 chargers only (they are building 8 of 3rd party ones as well). Charge was slow as it was fully loaded, Arrived with 12% and was charging to 62% (used toilets, bought food, coffee) - and it took us 34 minutes... But what I realised, after looking at my next suggested trip and chargers, that 15 miles (20 minutes) down the road there is another SC - Le Bosc. which is 12 x V3 (250 KW) but is available for non-teslas. Most interestingly is that car suggested that I should also stop there... and would use 0% of charge to reach the place. So instead of waiting at slow charger, I just headed towards that one. So left with 62% (£12.35) and arrived to Le Bosc with same 62%...

Second charge of the day - Le Bosc. Arrived with 62%, charged for 13 minutes (to 81%) at cost of £4.07. I was really confused why Tesla did not suggest to go straight to Le Bosc though... Could easily reach there, as almost all road was going down the hill... Who knows, eh. However, this one has some limited food/coffee/toilets in petrol station or you have to go up the hill to the shopping centre...

After that short stop, we rolled down the hills and arrived to Spain, where our charge was planned at Caldes de Malavella - quite large SC which is mix of V2 and V3 (everyone stops at V2 for some strange reason... maybe because V3 is after the transformer cabinets and not visible immediately?). It is located within large Golf resort. Distance to SC was 160 Miles (3 hours) and arrived there with 17% SOC. Charged for 30 minutes to 81% (£16.16) and pulled 52.13 Kwh. Did not eat there as lunch menu was very limited.

Our last charger was planned by me at L'Aldea. 155 miles down the road, it is quite large site at some old bus station or something. Very strange place. It has V2 and V3 chargers. Problem is that some of V3 are broken and charging at 38 KW only. I moved my car to next one after few minutes once I realised that. Very strange as next charger was going full speed. V3s by the way, are available for non-Teslas, while V2s where Tesla only. Interestingly that V2 where all fully loaded and V3 not... maybe malfunction is known for locals? nevertheless, charged to 89% (as this is my last SC before Peniscola), total of 44 minutes and £18.18.

We arrived to our destination with 70% (after sat nav detoured to wrong town for some reason...) anyway - plans changed last minute and due to this we had to move 51 km/42 minutes down the south to Oropesa Del Mar. On the way I realised that there is Iberdrolla 50 kw DC charger at Santa Magdalena. That's the first time I used my Electroverse card (used it twice!). Arrived to charger with 67%, charged to 80% in 13 minutes at the cost of 6.72 GBP.

Total for Day 2: 933 km / 580 miles, 164 KWH added for £ 57.5 and consumption 298 wh/mi (avg speed 53.5 mph)


After settling in car was parked more or less for the day or two and was SC'd couple of times on our way back home from Valencia at Sagunto (total of 51 kwh for 18.93 British Euros. I also used Iberdrolla DC 50 KW charger in Nuevo Castellon (41 minute while watching youtube to charge from 41% to 82% at £ 18.61. One of two Dc did not worked with Electroverse RFID card for some reason - I reported to Electroverse.


With lower boot of the car loaded with jars of Aceitunas con hueso, Olive oil and hamon Iberico :)D) we left Oropesa in the morning with ~45% (that Overheat protection in Spain, even with windshield reflector) was brutal... Our destination for the day was Toulouse via Andorra. And we arrived to the same ill-operating L'Aldea SC with 22%. Happy to report that 9 days later same V3 stalls which where charge-gating at 38 kw where still locked at 38 KW. same one which definitely worked before - worked this time as well as intended. "tesla monitors maintains chargers" so there is no way to report broken ones... Anyway charged up to 64% in 24 minutes (£11.05) and off we go to the next one at Cambrills.

Cambrills SC is busy one, with 4 V2 SCs at very awkward setup (2 cars parks in reverse, 2 with front towards the edge of parking..). It is 34 miles down the road from L'Aldea. Arrived with 50% & charged there for 12 minutes while sharing the power to 63%.. pulled total 10.32 kwh and it cost me whopping £ 3.61

Now road was super nice, picturesque, constantly climbing from 157 ft above sea level to 2251 ft... Lovely to drive alongside all those vineyards, superb views... Really recommend!

Last SC stop in Spain (and for the day by the way) was le Seu d'Urgell. Very nice and picturesque place where we stopped for our lunch (barely made in time before siesta...). Charged from 17% to 93% (while eating) in 47 minutes at total of £19.59 (57.6 kwh added). After this our destination - Andorra La Vella.

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Road is fantastic, crossing Pyrenes, climbing up to 6587 ft of elevation at some point!
Lovely skiing slopes/tracks, but whole capital as I call is one large shopping mall, where ever 3rd shop is Duty free, another every 3rd one is Pharmacy (money laundering much, eh?) and then all remaining ones are like diamond merchants, Omegas, Hublots etc... Spent couple of hrs there and about 6 pm moved towards our overnight stay in Toulouse. BTW, all the way temps, including Andorra where at around 38-39 C o_0


NOTE: if satnav with guide you via tunnel on N20 in order to reach France - DON'T. I was foolish to listen to sat Nav and missed lovely climb and descent via the serpentine... oh well... Well, after exiting tunnel you have quite long descend in the valleys/Pyrenes... as result, after leaving Andorra La Vella with 85% and climbing all the way to the tunnel at 452 wh/mi, after crossing the tunnel I had a stretch of 38 miles at total of 101 wh/mi! As result we arrived to our destination in Toulouse, which was 192 km (120 mi) down the road with 45% of charge. for our over night stay.

Total for Day 1: 564 km / 350 miles, 100 Kwh added for £ 34.3 and consumption 300 wh/mi (avg speed 44.3 mph)

After waking up in Toulouse, we departed with 45% SOC and arrived to first charge at Montauban SC which is 40 miles down the road. Our SOC was 31%. Quick charge to 76% while getting some coffee (it was completely empty SC) and in 21 min we spent £9.03 (+ coffee at local shopping centre).

Next stop was Limoges SC, which is 149 miles (2 hrs) down the road. Arrived there with 17% SOC. Stopped for lunch while car was charging. 56 minutes later (with some V2 sharing is caring), car reached 91% (had to increase max SOC while eating..), at the cost of £15.24 (56.29 kwh)

Next stop - 2 hors and 168 miles down the road at Orleans SC. Quick stop for coffee and loo while car added 38.47 kwh in 23 minutes (23% -> 75%) at £10.51. Hotel has nice-ish coffee btw,

Last stop for the day was in Rungis SC in South of Paris. It was 71 mile/1 hr away from previous stop. SC is at Novotel car park (you take the ticket at the gate and have 1 hr grace period of free parking. you do not have to validate ticket - just scan and leave (within 1 hr...). there we topped up for 28 minutes (46% to 80%) for the cost of £7.43. and headed toward our stay ant another Novotel hotel

Total for Day 2: 695 km / 432 miles, 154 Kwh added for £ 42.2 and consumption 300 wh/mi (avg speed excl breaks 61 mph)
Hotel car park was 17 eur for 24 hrs, but had single Schucko socket which I used with great joy to add 14.6 kwh. This was one and only time I used my Schucko adapter.

Next day, After the day in Paris, we left our hotel car park at around 5 pm and headed toward Calais and home. We left with 93% SOC and arrived our last SC in France - same Boulogne-Sur-Mer after 167 miles / 3 hrs, drive with 22% SOC. There we charged for 42 minutes while eating our diner and topped up to 90% for total cost of £ 14.51.

After this, we left towards Callais Eurotunnel, arrived with 79%, where we boarded immediately and arrived to UK about 10 PM local time. UK met us with tropical rain :D I was very excited about it as my car was covered in dust... half an hour of very strong rain at night while traveling ~60 + mph was a treat :/

Anyhow - last SC was Northampton Grange Park. Arrived3 hrs/147 miles later with 22% SOC. charged there for 8 minutes to 40% at £5.95 and reached home with 19%

Total for Day 3: 639 km / 397 miles, 65.4 Kwh DC / 14.6 AC added for £ 20.5 and gross consumption 315 wh/mi (avg speed excl breaks 51.6 mph)

All the way back to UK I was travelling at Speed limit + 3 kmh (or +2MPH) on AP. So, if Speed limit was 130, I kept 133 and it was exactly 130 according GPS.

All in all, it was very easy, although Oropesa (and Peniscola) is a bit black homes regarding SCs/rapid DC charging. I was using AP (basic) all the time and I wish tesla allowed me to make it quiet, as all those chimes are annoying as hell. Trips as mentioned, quite easy, very picturesque, lovely and I would do that again without hesistation.

Cost wise full trip was:
  • 300 gbp for Eurotunnel (150 covered by Tesco)
  • 150 GBP/175 EUR for tolls
  • 251 GBP for charging in total
  • ~400 eur for all hotels in Clermont-Ferrand, Toulouse and Paris (including breakfast) for 4 people (2 adults, 2 teenagers)
  • Total 1100. That is more or less price for 4 people to fly to Spain during the holidays. But we had our car available for us to use (so no rentals, which would be probably another ~500 including fuels), we had nice trip to Andorra (which I would probably never have a chance to visit otherwise) and lovely day in Paris (incl Eiffel tower!)
Totally worth it. Super easy, barely an inconvenience ;)

P.S. I might make youtube vid of the trip as well!
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Cool, very informative! I had my MY RWD barely a week but I'm enjoying driving it so far (except for major anxiety whenever I see narrow roads and having to park next to kerbs 😬). We're looking forward to taking it for a European road trip soon as we used to with a petrol SUV. Last we've done was UK-France-Switzerland-Germany-Belgium-Netherlands-UK. Time to renew the Emovis tag.

After doing road trips, it's really difficult to like flying again.