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Tesla app and solar edge reporting

Hi, so still new to the system so I’m still trying to figure everything out.

I have a solar edge 7600 inverter and an 8.19kwh solar system

when I look at the Tesla app and look at instant production number, I assume that is AC watts?

the inverter specified that you can input up to 11k dc watts but a maximum output of 7600 ac watts. What does this mean?

I ask because I am in the process of adding 3 more panels to my house for a total system size of 9.1kwh but from 11am-3pm I frequently see my production hit 7.4-7.6kw. Will my inverter be too small to handle this?

1) Assuming 8.19 KW-DC then... Correct, AC watts

2) It depends on the specific inverter you have:

For the SE7600H-US, the max output is 7,600 W with an inverter efficiency of 98% (Likely)
For the SE7600A-US, the max output is 8,350 W with an inverter efficiency of 98%​

The max power output of the inverter can not exceed this value. There are losses in converting DC to AC, weather, seasonality, and degradation. The 11,800 W-DC limit/allowance accounts for this. Solar arrays are typically over-sized (5-25%) to maximize inverter efficiency. Your system is 7.8% ((8.19-7.6)/7.6) oversized. See this discussion on solar clipping.

3) The 3 new panels will come out to 20% ((9.1-7.6)/7.6) overproduction as the inverter is sized/optimized to the original number of solar panels. Additional panels may be used to mitigate for the natural degradation of the panel, how clean they are, and produce a bit more outside of the peak production. You will not see an increase over your rated inverter limit of 7.6 KW.
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