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Tesla Model X T Sportline Overland AT wheel/tire combo

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Nov 18, 2017
Originally had the 22" turbines on my 2017, but after 145K miles got sick of the staggered set up and bad uneven tread wear from the camber (inside always bald) despite always on standard. After getting a truck recently, realized it's nice not worrying about rims, driving over the dirt and gravel when freeways are backed up with accident ect. We also do a lot of hiking/outdoors and cruise gravel. Not for everyone but the beefier set up is worth it for what we need.

Some early thoughts. Ride quality is definitely better, these Falkans ride surprisingly smooth and having more rubber definitely absorbs some more of the vibrations. So far consumption seems slightly better than before with my 22s. Next cycle I may replace with the BF Goodrich Trail Terrains, same size, but 5.5 lbs light per tire, which may improve efficiency. I think this is the best set up to keep the X wheels looking beefy. 22's look so good... but regular 19s look like the guy who skipped gym day. This was the perfect apocalypse ready set up.

But photos are here, on the low setting. Best thing with this set up is that it is a square set up, I can rotate tires to any corner, and even better tires are not asymmetric so I can cross them over to combat the inner tire wear on the rears from the camber.

Didn't see to much specifically for the model X. Props to T sport line for the design of the wheels.

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Sooo what size are these wheels and tires? All details needed....🤔

Looks pretty cool especially for a winter setup I'm thinking. 👍
If you go to t sport line you will see the combo 19” wheels. They are 19.5/8.5” wheels, with 255/55/R19 tires. AT and triple peak for winter driving. Not a true winter tire but much more capable than the 22s with all seasons. Much bigger selection of tires going to 19s from 22s.
An update after 1600 miles. They are definitely more efficient than the stock 22” turbines. So far doing around 395 wh/mi, with turbines was at 410.

Ride quality is definitely better over bumps and rough road. Ride is definitely quieter as well, although not by a large margin.

As mentioned prior, this set up is a squared set up, and tires are able to be cross rotated which is nice given the amount of inner tire wear the X has despite driving on the regular suspension setting.

Gravel roads are easy and don’t even worry about curb rash anymore. It’s definitely not as good looking as the stock 22s but for me having a more capable tire and the ease of mind it brings is worth it. From an athletic perspective, normally regular 19s on a model X, to me looks like someone who skipped leg day. Since these are AT tires, they seem to fill the wheel well better and have less of that look and offer a more planted look.

If you are thinking about this setup it’s great if it’s what you are looking for. I didn’t see too much info for this set up specifically for the model X so wanted to share.