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Blog The 6 Must-Have Tesla Accessories For Your Next Road Trip

It turns out that 45% of 13-39-year-olds canceled a trip last summer.  Two things about this stat.  The first is that I thought the numbers would be a lot higher with people canceling trips left and right.  And the second thing is that it looks like they’re making up for it by hitting the open road1.  Yes, a good ol’ fashioned road trip.

Here at CNCT Coolers, we’ve noticed the same thing. We’re putting fewer miles on our Tesla’s stuck in traffic and spending way more time visiting local hiking trails and wineries.

That got us thinking.  Everyone knows that one of the best parts of being a Tesla owner is that we can “road trip the right way” – whether that’s pulling off a crazy eco-run to get every last mile out of the car or something a little more leisurely.

Here’s our take on the 6-must haves for your Tesla road trips – you know, because COVID.

1 – Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film by Your Local Autobody Shop


Okay, this will take a bit of pre-planning on your part but we highly recommend adding a paint protection film wrap to the front of your car to protect the OEM paint from sand, stone chips, and water wear. The transparent adhesive film is applied to your model by a trained tech available at most local autobody shops.

We don’t have a front radiator or the usual air vent most cars have for engine air-flow, which means that we have a lot of real estate for rocks, mosquitos, and debris to mess up our day.

Ceramic coating is hard to appreciate until you have it. Is it critical? No. Is it cheap? No. Is it awesome? Yes. The vehicle cleans up faster and it has beautiful smooth shine without the swirling marks.

Plus, both may help with resale value in the future.

2 – Power Trunk and Frunk by Hansshow


What’s the worst part of a road trip? Loading and unloading all the gear, luggage, and food. So while we don’t have anything on our list to help you with the packing process – we highly recommend the Hansshow aftermarket Power Trunk and Frunk kit for 2020 and earlier models.

Why we love it:

You can open and close the trunk/frunk from the Model 3 app, key fob, with a foot sensor, or at the tailgate itself.Soft closing makes it just “feel right” for the carYou can play with speeds, closing force, and how high you want the decks to openUnless you have experience with custom accessories work on vehicles and have time on your hands, I would recommend having a local installation shop install it for you

Makes loading and unloading everything so much easier. Check it out here.

3 – Wireless Pad by Jeda


Possibly one of the greatest inventions ever – wireless charging that is.  And the good people at Jeda have made it simple for us Tesla drivers.

Provided you have a compatible phone, the Jeda wireless charger, or what they call the Wireless Pad, gives you the fastest charge on the market. It also works whether your phone is standing up or on its side. Plus, if you can’t wirelessly charge you can still plug your phone in to get the juice you need.

Check it out here.

4 – The Tesla Model 3 Cooler by CNCT Coolers


Sorry, we can’t help it – but we have to talk coolers. Created by Tesla drivers for Tesla drivers, the CNCT Cooler is 100% custom designed and built for the Model 3 trunk well.

This stunning red cooler with iconic responsive handles stores 24 cans of soda, keeps things cold for 2 days and fits perfectly in a Model 3 truck well and compatible with Model Y (and other Teslas of course, if you use it like any other cooler).

And the best part, the cooler is made in Lake City, Pennsylvania. Check it out here.

5 – Deskwedge by Scent Wedge


Even the best road trips get interrupted by real life. Whether that’s checking an email, taking a video-conference call from the road, or looking to kill some time at a Supercharger.

The Deskwedge may get you out of a few tricky situations (cough cough, taking a conference call from the side of the highway).

Designed to fit perfectly into the steering wheel of a Model 3 or Model Y, made in the USA, free shipping, they also have great videos and photographs – what else can you ask for? Check it out here.

6 – Center Console Wrap by Abstract Ocean or TesBros


Now we love Tesla’s design, and we typically only look to customize our Tesla’s to make them unique to us – not to change obvious design decisions. But can we talk for a minute about the piano finish applied to the stock center console?

It’s likely to get scratched and covered in prints, dust, and more.

That’s where something like a center console wrap by Abstract Ocean or TesBros comes in.

We went with the carbon fibre look, installation is simple and easy, and for that cost wrapping your center console is a no brainer. Check it out here.



The CNCT Cooler is stunningly designed and carefully crafted to fit seamlessly inside the rear trunk well of your Tesla Model 3.

It’s Made in America from premium materials. It’s also a super-durable premium cooler that keeps ice, food, and beverages cold for up to 2 days (probably longer actually, but we stopped the test after 2 days) while blocking out heat.

But what’s most important? It’s designed for your “everyday” or those grand adventures.

The CNCT Cooler is here to help you make the most of wherever you find yourself.



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