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Model 3

  1. T

    "Why should I pay for your gas? I'm not paying for anyone else's gas"

    Hey guys, I am trying to convince my employer that the amount of electricity pulled from a standard 120v outlet to charge a Tesla is a very small amount. I know there is only so much output one single outlet can have. What is an easy way to quantify this to the average person? What is another...
  2. Tezla1

    For Sale: 2018 M3 Dual Motor, 31k miles, UP coilovers installed, EAP - $54,999 OBO

  3. B

    2018 model 3 stealth performance FSD

    2018 model 3 stealth performance for sale. Pics coming soon... Dark blue with FSD paid, premium unlimited connectivity included, front end ppf, ceramic coat, homelink, fsd hw 3.0 35k miles Looking for 51k, willing to go a bit lower for a cash buyer that can meet in the Cincinnati area this week.
  4. B

    2018 m3p with fsd or 2021 Sr+

    All right I need help making a decision, I have 2 options here and I need to decide asap...so torn. Take delivery of my order for a new 2021 SR+ with no fsd later this week OR pull the trigger on a local opportunity to get a 2018 M3P with 35k miles and FSD. price difference is pretty negligible...
  5. O

    the app icons status or action...

    so i have had the model 3 for 18months, and my father a model s for almost 3 years. nearly every day i’m bugged by the app. the boot open button appears to be an action button to open the boot as it shows the result of a press and not the status of the boot. next to it is the lock icon where...
  6. J

    Selling my 2020 model 3: where can I sell it?

    What is the best place to sell my 2020 Model 3? It has only 6,500 miles, we are moving to Australia so cannot take it with me!
  7. J

    2021 Model 3 SR+ FSD, White ext, Black int, 415 miles, central FL

    Selling new Model 3 SR+ with FSD. No nicks, no mechanical problems. Just a change in situation. Asking $54,000 (it's what I have into it). Located in central Florida. Software updated.
  8. iSpanglish

    ‘18 LR RWD FSD 28kmi - Model 3

    Moving out of state, work from home, doesn’t get used much, don’t need to sell / no rush but great market currently so figured why not. 28k mi FSD w/ Hw3 installed (Currently 10k) Still has four year, 50k mi warranty. Battery has 8 year 120k warranty Love the car. Red / black pieces are...
  9. A

    FS: 2020 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, FSD, 25k miles [NJ]

    2020 Model 3 Standard Range Plus, with both Autopilot and FSD (Full Self Driving) included. One-owner, bought new from Tesla in March 2020. No accidents, clean title, registered in New Jersey and currently there. Color: Pearl White multi-coat. Driven around 25200 miles. Great condition as...
  10. M

    M3/MY New Gen Handles (Mat Black)

    Hello all I have 2 sets off all 4 door handles for M3/MY these are the newer gen models that are mat black not the chrome finish ones. If you are interested please feel free to message me. Letting go of each set (4) 250 but we can negotiate if needed. Have a great day
  11. M

    2018 Tesla Silver/White Model 3 AWD+EAP+20” Vossen, 18K miles - $49.5K

    I am the original owner with pink slip in hand. Took delivery Sept 2018, and have taken excellent care of it from day 1.. The exterior is ceramic coated as washed often. White Interior is clean and still has some new car smell. There are no door dings, and other than some minor normal wear, the...
  12. TEMAI

    Vendor TEMAI Model 3 accessories. Free giveaways and upcoming products!

    It's another year! We are so excited to run another free giveaway to appreciate your support! FREE TEMAI Model 3/Y Dynamic Power Hub giveaway every 20 replies on the thread for TMC members Yes, this year we will do free giveaways for our latest Model 3/Y Dynamic Power Hub. We will pick lucky...
  13. C

    2021 AWD LR Tesla Model 3 For Sale in Ohio $52,500

    REFRESHED – 2021 Used Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD. Columbus, Ohio. BASIC AUTOPILOT: Enables Emergency Collision Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring, Autosteer, Automatic Emergency Braking and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance. This version can be upgraded to Full Self-Driving at current market...
  14. T

    2021 model 3 Standard Range Plus - 990 or 980 Motor?

    Hello, Does anyone know if the new 2021 Tesla model 3 SR+ motors are 980 or 990? I can’t seem to find out anywhere. Even asked my Tesla advisor and she was also clueless.
  15. P

    Standard Range Upgrade [SR to SR+]

    Purchased used car from third party dealership. 2019 Model 3 standard range with 6400 miles. Paid $189 for tesla to give it a look over. Came back clean with no issues. I did inquire about upgrading to the standard plus since everything I've read suggests it's possible. For anyone wanting...
  16. tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields update #7

    To our wonderful TMC community, We have been working extremely hard in Papa Elon's basement and are thrilled to announce that we have received our latest inventory restock🥳🥳! It has been an arduous journey to say the least to bring them in but we finally did it! We have had an unprecedented...
  17. A

    FSD Visualization Preview Question

    Does anyone know if the FSD Visualization Preview (the one that shows cars, stop signs, pedestrians, etc) requires that the cameras be calibrated? I am having a problem with my cameras not calibrating and I am wondering if the FSD Visualization Preview not working is because of that. I am on a...
  18. Aaf0052

    Suspected 12v battery dead.. Currently at service center. Happened right after getting a new coilovers set installed... also have a stealth hitch....

    Hey so... I just had my sports coilovers from MPP installed by a highly reputable technician in the Denver area and when I went to pick up the car, it wouldn't start. Was able to open the doors and the windows would crack open each time i did. Contacted Tesla Roadside assistance and they said to...
  19. Ravire

    Model 3 LR AWD EAP for sale

    I’m selling my 2020 Model 3 LR AWD with enhanced autopilot and a lot of MPP parts. It has 40k miles on it. Nothings wrong with it I just need a bigger car probably a model x. Asking for $52k willing to negotiate Mods: Wrapped in Inozetek Midnight Purple All interior gloss black pieces wrapped...
  20. L

    Autopilot features unavailable, car in shop

    hey everyone, my brand new model 3 was delivered at the end of June. First thing when I got into the car I noticed the notification in the photo attached. Didn’t think much of it and took the car off the lot. Well, as I kept driving my new vehicle I noticed that this alert would alert me almost...
  21. Hugues1965

    Is 1'000 USD too much for a 2 year service ?

    I live in Switzerland, bought my M3 dual motor LR 2 years ago, 34'000 km I asked Tesla if I needed to bring it in for the 2 year service, they said it was not mandatory but they sent me a quote for ~1'000 swiss francs, which is about 1'000 usd ! Breakdown, parts and time: -wiper blades: 55 usd...
  22. S

    Accidentally drove over a rock….

    Drove over a rock today while parking and the bottom front part of Model 3 is hanging off…any idea on repair estimate/how long it would take to repair?
  23. A

    Model 3 Cameras Will Not Calibrate

    Hello Everyone, My Tesla Model 3 SR w/ FSD arrived on June 24, 2021. I have not been able to get my cameras to calibrate despite driving over 200 miles on roads with lines that could not be more clear. Furthermore, in the Self Driving Visualization view, I only see the lanes on the roads, no...
  24. A

    Model 3 Will Not Calibrate

    Hello Everyone, My Tesla Model 3 SR w/ FSD arrived on June 24, 2021. I have not been able to get my cameras to calibrate despite driving over 200 miles on roads with lines that could not be more clear. In my first call to support, I was informed that the right pillar camera was at 0% but the...
  25. E

    Model 3 Windows Calibration Issue

    Hello. Starting today, I've an issue where both my front and passenger window will not fully close when I use the automatic window up. To fully close it, I have to keep nudging it a little until it reaches the top. I've tried calibrating it with the method found that says to keep the button...
  26. C

    Gemini wheels for sale

    Looking to sell my new Gemini wheels and hub caps. They came off my Model Y with 700 miles on them. They are in perfect condition, boxed and ready to go. They come with the lug nuts as well. $1200 located in San Antonio TX
  27. W

    Certified Tesla Mechanics in CT or MA?

    G'day 👋🏼 A couple of questions for y'all. I'm interested in purchasing new tires for my 2019 SR+ TM3. Living in rural Connecticut, we get the best of both seasons so snow and ice are some concerns. Unfortunately, staying with All-Seasons for this set, but the tires I've found so far are these...
  28. 3YPlaid

    FS: 2019 Model 3 Performance - Blue/Black

    $55k Tesla Model 3 performance with 28,500 miles located in Woodbury, MN. Blue with black interior. Includes Full Self Driving option ($10,000 option). Homelink garage door opener included. This car has been garaged night and day. The car is in excellent shape with PPF over the front half...
  29. T

    2020 White Tesla Model 3 For Sale

    Located in Toms River, NJ, I love this 2020 Model 3, with FSD. but I'm getting the model Y and need to sell it. In good condition inside and out. Year: 2020 Model: Model 3 Long Range Asking Price: $46,500 Current Mileage: 64,100 Exterior Color: White Interior Color: White Number of...
  30. T

    2020 Model 3 For Sale

    Located in Toms River, NJ I love this car but I'm getting the model Yand so need to sell it. In great condition inside and out. Year: 2020 Model: Model 3 Long Range Asking Price: $46,500 Current Mileage: 64,100 Exterior Color: White Interior Color: White Number of previous owners: 1...
  31. G

    Aug. 2018 Model 3 LR RWD, 15850 miles, FSD with HW3, Excellent Condition, San Diego CA

    Aug. 2018 Model 3 LR RWD, pearl white multi-coat exterior with premium black interior mileage: 15850 FSD and EAP. HW3 installed. Condition: Excellent. Parked in garage at home and at work. Added ceramic coating at Adonis Detail shortly after purchase. Tires rotated/balanced every 5000 miles...
  32. I

    First Desert Road Trip

    I am taking my first out-of-town trip since getting my 2021 Standard Range Plus in April, so of course I have range anxiety! It’s a just a short 140 mile trip from Phoenix to Flagstaff, Arizona and according to ABRP, I should be able to do it without stopping to charge at all. However, I’m...
  33. XPEL

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 with XPEL Ceramic Window Tint

    At one of our XPEL install shops this Tesla Model 3 showed up looking to have its glass wrapped in PRIME XR PLUS ceramic window tint. Our tint is UV protected against 99% of harmful UV rays and deflects 98% of infrared heat.
  34. L

    Refund-worthy PPF job?

    Hi guys! Been stalking these threads for a while and decided to join in order to ask the community's opinion on whether or not this PPF install merits a refund. I had a 'full frontal' PPF with ceramic coating applied over it at a shop recommended by other users here. After install the shop said...
  35. C

    2020 Tesla model 3 performance $53k

    Black 2020 Tesla model 3 performance for sale. Excellent condition inside and out. Never wrecked. Only thing done to it is a dark window tint. Tiny paint chip here and there that comes factory with any Tesla delivery. Has autopilot not FSD. Call or text 209-712-9581 Vehicle located in Louisiana...
  36. Q

    Selling J1772 Tesla Adapter. Make an Offer!

    Hi guys, 2018 Model 3 LR Accel boost owner. I have an extra adapter. Really dont need it, I have a charger at home and the adapter that came with the vehicle. Make me an offer and its yours, ill mail it to wherever. [email protected] 6082172299
  37. M


  38. B

    Creaking noise at front in 2018 LR RWD?

    I just got my M3 back from the body shop to repair some minor damage after some debris hit me on the freeway. Since then, it’s been making a knocking/creaking noise when driving. I notice it most at low speeds, but it’s not tied to steering or anything like that. Just happens constantly while...
  39. B

    WTB model 3

    Just putting this out there incase anyone is in need of selling.....For reference I'm about to buy a 2020 m3 Sr+ with 16k miles from CarMax for 37.5k but if anyone is looking for a fast sale and wants to make a deal feel free to send me a message. I'm in Ohio but for the right price would fly...
  40. Llama.

    Should I just leave me roof bars on all the time?

    Hello all I finally got my Tesla OEM roof bars and fitted them today. I drive a MIC LR M3, which appears to have plenty of range for anything I need. I live in Leeds and I can easily get to Whitby or the Lake District and back without a charge. The roof bars don’t seem to hard to take off...
  41. Makiki3SR+

    Honolulu, Hawaii - OEM 21” Silver Turbine Wheels with Tires & TPMS

    Selling four OEM 21” Turbine wheels with Michelin PSS (Pilot Super Sport) tires. Tread has decent life left and I will update the post with detailed depth measurements. Wheels have minor curbing. (See attached pictures) Wheels and tires all have TPMS sensors. Asking $2000 OBO. Wheels are...
  42. D

    Touchless Delivery at Devon, PA Location - What to Expect?

    Hello! New member here and soon to be a first-time Tesla owner. I'll be picking up my Model 3 next Wednesday at the Devon, PA location. When receiving the text message to schedule my appointment, I noticed they mentioned it's a touchless delivery. I understand COVID restrictions have loosened up...
  43. C

    Discounted Jeda Wireless charging pad V3 $60

    Hi there, I recently upgraded my iPhone which required a MagSafe V4 version of the Jeda pad. I'm selling my like-new (used for two months) pad for $60. I basically just swapped the new V4 pad into my car, so I'm including the spacer and all Jeda-provided cables. First to reply gets it...
  44. A

    FS: Model 3 Uberturbine 20" Wheels, Tires, & TPMS

    Model 3 Performance 20 Inch Uberturbine Wheels, with Pirelli Tires, and BLE TPMS Taken off the car after 894 miles. (Took me a while to decide & order replace wheels) 20" Überturbine 20x9.0 ET34 (+34MM) One wheel has a couple small scratches (see attached pictures) Pirelli P Zero tires...
  45. D

    Hello from the UK

    Hey, this is my first post but have been reading loads on the site over the last couple of months. I picked up my Model 3 LR last week and I've got to say, it is easily one of the best cars I've ever driven! I decided to go for red with the black and white interior & 19" sports wheels and I'm...
  46. K

    2021 Model S build quality vs Model 3

    I’ve had a Model 3 Performance for 2.5 years now. Excellent driving dynamics, poor build quality. I’m thinking about getting a Model S now. How would you guys compare the build quality between the 3 and S. I understand the new 2021 S isn’t out yet, but maybe some of your experience with the...
  47. PapaSlabes

    Model 3 18" Space Grey TST Flow Forged Wheel and Winter Tire Set for sale (Boston Area)

    Heading South, so I need to sell my winter wheel/tire set. Bought in Winter 2019 and have had very modest use (especially given the lockdown). Used on my Performance Model 3, but these are compatible with all Model 3 variants. Got the 18" to better cope with Winter potholes in New England. These...
  48. sb415

    Refreshed M3 w/ Pre-refresh Sport Wheels

    I’m really not a fan of the refreshed sport wheels. Has anyone on here added pre-refresh sport wheels to their M3? Would love to see a picture. would also like to confirm the best way to do it. My current plan is to order a new m3 with sport wheels, buy a set of pre-refresh change the wheels...
  49. Glenn T

    2018 Model 3 - Wife says must go!

    The LR3 is too low for my wife, so it must go. Pictures attached. No accidents, just daily wear. Replaced the tires just before the Pandemic and have only driven a few hundred miles since the Pandemic because I don’t drive for work anymore. I live in Southern California. Please contact me a...
  50. Glenn T

    3 for Y Swap Inuiry

    The LR3 is too low for my wife, so for the interim, before the 4680 launches, looking to get a used or new Y. If anyone wants to swap their Y for my 2018, I will be happy to compensate the difference. Not picky: SR, LR, or P. Pictures attached. No accidents, just daily wear. Replaced the tires...

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