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Topcoat on windows part of ceramic coat package?

I am planning to have a ceramic coating applied to my 2021 Model Y. A local detailer's website says, as part of their ceramic coat package, they will apply a layer of topcoat on all windows. I'm not opposed to this, unless this is not a good idea.

Now, I have read somewhere, perhaps on this website, that Tesla does not recommend putting Rain-X in the window washer fluid. However, I have not seen any warnings about putting topcoat on Tesla windows.

So, topcoat on all windows? Good idea? Bad idea? What?

sounds like a LSP- last step product which will have short-term benefits or maybe up to 3 months

something like CarPro ech20, Kamikaze Overcoat (works well on glass but wipers will lead to uneven coating layer as it drags it) can do this well on glass

i’m a big believer in glass treatments, rain-x at a minimum but the modern solution is a long-lasting glass coating and maintained by coating-friendly glass cleaner like Gyeon Glass or ech20 which will boost its hydrophobic cleaning properties.

my video on kamikaze intenso glass coating, still performing very well, almost good as newly-applied nearly 2 years on the Model 3

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