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Tried both the $90 Tesla Caps & $18 Amazon Caps

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Feb 15, 2024
Melbourne, FL
In case anyone was thinking of getting the Gemini wheel cap kit for $90, there is literally no difference to the ones on Amazon for under $20. The quality is identical (plastic seems the same) and I actually think the ones I got Here have tighter fitting lug nut covers. A few of the Tesla lug nut covers were a little loose, I have a feeling they would fly off when driving.

Save yourself some money because I do not see any difference. Awful photo in between rain squalls, but here is the black amazon cap vs. the Tesla silver cap. I ended up not using the lug nut covers because the bolts without caps looked better to me.

Can those center caps be removed without taking the wheel off?

I like to be able to switch between running the Gemini covers on and off (freeway versus around town). The center caps are in the way of the wheel covers, so they need to be removed before the wheel covers can be put on. I see the little grabber in the kit, but I think that's just for the lug nut covers (which I don't use). Hoping that these center caps can be uninstalled easily, maybe with a plastic pry tool?
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Yes, I pull mine off with a small suction cup I got at Harbor Freight.

I used a thin butter knife with a tee-shirt around it to get behind the edge and pry them off… the suction cup seems like a much better idea 😆 Thanks for the link.