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Nov 29, 2014
Bay Area
My hopefully future father-in-law has Parkinson's, it's quite a horrible disease to see first hand.

Anyways, for the next 2 days you can donate to the Michael J Fox foundation and for every $10 donated get a chance to win the limited edition Nike "back to the future shoes".

Nike Mag

Next one, while you're in the philanthropic mood, consider donating funds to some relief in Haiti from the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. I can't 100% vouch for the financials of this organization; however, a close friend worked with them after the earthquake and speaks highly of them. And things are pretty rough there now, so every little bit helps.


Here is a recent statement from them.

October 7, 2016 aide delivery and surveys of Haitian villages within a 40 km vicinity of Jeremie including downtown Jeremie.

1. Today we were able to get approximately 30 to 40 km outside Jeremie. We were fortunate to have a God-sent Caterpillar to help us get through.

2. We wanted to go from Jeremie to Les Anglais where there is even more catastrophic destruction but that was absolutely impossible. The next attempt was getting to Dame-Marie. That is also absolutely impossible. The roads are knee to waist high deep muddy swamps at every corner.
There are large broken trees every 20 ft. With the help of a large Caterpillar and a crew of 6, they cleared approximately a few miles of road all day. At that rate, we anticipate it may take weeks before the roads are minimally operational again.

3. We were the first and only responders to some of these remote villages outside of Jeremie. There it's not 1 out of 3 homes destroyed but 3 out of 3 homes destroyed. Many homes had so much debris in them that we would have no way of knowing how many dead people were trapped under the fallen roofs etc.

4. You will see by these pictures, how just any aide or supplies can make an entire village rejoice. You will also notice how people would run to our truck begging for just anything to eat.

5. This area consists of hundreds of square miles and from an aerial view, the entire south west tip of Haiti is similar or much worse as you get closer to the areas of direct impact.

6. Our biggest fear is how long could injured starving children survive without aide in remote areas. It's now been 5 days and we are still days away from even getting to these areas.

7. Jeremie's cell phone towers are collapsed so there was no ability for anyone there to communicate by phone. At 9 pm tonight Digicel is back up so that is great news. Thank you @maartenboute Jeremie's electrical company is completely broken, there are broken electrical poles and lose wires everywhere. Due to this, we anticipate it will be hard to get power to that region for a while

8. The biggest hope for these areas is the UN, US Navy helicopters and other country's peace keepers. We were very happy to see a series of military helicopters fly around Jeremie before sunset. There are also many markets in Jeremie that have supplies, food and water. We brought a plane full from PAP but we also bought more in Jeremie.

9. Monetary donations to the proper trusted and proven Haiti expert specific NGO's is going to be the quickest way of supporting this in the immediate. (Be sure to see their financials to verify that no money is wasted on overhead and unnecessary expenses, people got burned once, never again.)

10. These pictures will attest that any proper dedicated teams can actually get to remote areas and deliver supplies within days. This needs to be a hands on approach in this current stage.

11. I can honestly say it looks just as bad as the 2010 earthquake in some areas. What's much much worse, is the entire landscape, palm trees and agriculture fields are completely desolated. All the newly planted trees are mostly gone in the south west coast.

12. This is a Statement by the Departmental Delegate/Governor of Grand' Anse; Anse d'hainault 14 dead. D'espagne 15 dead. Abricots 5 dead. Beaumont 82 dead (mouline) 58 missing. Moron 85 dead. Jeremie 31 dead.

Death toll to date is close to 900

Chambellan / Dame Marie / Beaumont / Pestel / Roseau are impossible areas to reach so far.

Grand 'Anse is an emergency zone

This is a humanitarian disaster, an apocalyptic situation, all streets from the large cities are affected, Jeremie is in huge trouble, all the trees are uprooted and torn down, all roofs are torn.

The Grand Anse had to face more than 12 hours of Hurricane Matthews at a level 4-5

This is a call for international solidarity

All the debris would have to clear - impossible to pass!

According to the Departmental Delegate/Governor of Grand-Anse (Fresnel Kdner)

95% missing school infrastructure

There is an urgent need for food - water -medication"

These photos were taken by Global Empowerment Mission www.globalempowermentmission.org

Photographers Brandon Burke Mickie T Gravies and Danielle Dreis

Media has full permission to use these pictures.

Michael Capponi

Founder Global Empowerment Mission

Affiliate Haiti Resilience System


I honestly wouldn't share this raffle, because the more people that enter the lesser my chances of winning. It is however for a good cause. So if you do enter, I wish you good luck and Thank You. My only request is that you share it with your friends.