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Version 10.0 FW and AP 1.0 hardware - anything of interest?

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S85D, Y LR, ex Prius PiP
Aug 16, 2015
Gilbert, Arizona
I've got a 2015 model S with AP1.0 (was under the impression that it would be able to do a NY to Ca trip by itself per the salesperson).

Knowing now that AP1.0 isn't up to that task, is there anything in the V10 firmware that might throw me a bone?

I want to get at least 8 yrs out of the 2015 purchase before upgrading. AP 3.0 HW is enticing, but I wouldn't mind waiting another 4 yrs for my next S.

But I'll be in the market for the Y and the pickup truck, but would be nice to get a few more refreshers for the old AP1.0 hardware.
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I think Spotify and Joe Mode are nice benefits, but depend on the end user. The Feeling Lucky/Feeling Hungry map options are neat - we used it today and found a new park! And the Maps in general have more options like ratings, phone numbers, auto-complete, etc.

But that’s about it I think. Still impressive if you ask me, given your car is 4 years old. Mine is 2 years old so I don’t get Tesla Theater or Caraoke mode so I recognize the options I’ll get will decrease over time just like you. But it’s nice to get some new things on a car that’s a few years old!
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