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Visited the Park Meadows Tesla Store in Denver Co- sold out of some merchandise :)

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by blakegallagher, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. blakegallagher

    Jul 21, 2012
    South Texas
    Spent my Christmas in Denver with my Mother and Law and had to take a trip to the nearest Tesla store since I was so close. I had been to a get amped event but had yet to see a store. It was a great experience to see other people excited about Tesla. There was the occasional remark I heard such as "well you had better like your money paid for it" which was made by a 18 something youngster who most likely heard something similar from his parents but overall there were alot of very intrested people. What suprised me was how much of the Tesla Gear they were sold out of! I took this as a great sign ... I know part of it is growing pains and logistical issues but just the fact that people are willing to pay for so many Tesla Fan products is great. I bought my 20 dollar Tesla Water Bottle and decided to wait for a red hat which I was told was sold out pretty much nation wide. They had a plethora of blue ones. One of the workers also showed me a picture of the distrobution center down the street and the floor looked like it had about 20 Model S's or more on it ... it looked full from cell phone picture. He also let me know this was the first time he had been there when there had been more than one or two awaiting delivery. He was estatic with the number that had arrived. I was a little dissapointed with one associates knowledge of the Model S ... but since I am obscessed I figured I was over reacting. .... Overall a great experiance and my biggest takeway was that people were buying the merchandise ... did not count on that as a revenue source.

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