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white dot on my paint

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I took delivery of my Model Y back on 3/31. I was hand washing me car, and I realized that there appears to be a white dot on the paint. I can't feel any scratch or any damage on the paint. I read some threats, some say that it's not worth worrying about, some say it's fixable. It's not a big deal probably, but it just bothers me :(


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My grey 2022 M3LR came with missing sparkles under the clear coat in two different places and the same as you, found it a few days after taking it home. Of course Tesla said it was within spec which is code for "we don't want to repaint the whole door." Trading it in tomorrow for a 2024 MYP so they can't say anything if they see it and you better believe we're looking the new one over with a compound microscope.;) Your dot would have been way more acceptable to me.


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