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Why Lock Up Every Powerwall Cell?


Distributed Energy Enthusiast
Oct 20, 2012
Philadelphia, PA
Powerwalls should definitely have 5 or 6 dozen "removable" cells in a separate recessed section up front. How else am I going to power my Tesla flashlights, power drill and lawnmower?

Obviously my Tesla lawnmower will utilize one or more of the convenient "12 pack adapters" that hold a dozen individual cells. Manufacture can be handled by Dewalt, Bosch or whomever.

Is there a plan for this or what? I feel like things like this are a key to Tesla becoming the "Amazon of Energy". In 2021/22 I'd like to see a 22+kWh Powerwall(PowerCenter edition) in this style and I'd like to to cost $8,999 installed as an add-on to a solar install.
Would be pretty sweet. I have a modestly small sized yard and have all battery powered devices - lawn mower, trimmer, blower. They work great for my use but I have a separate set of batteries and a charger since they're all brand locked. My Powerwall sits just a few feet from my storage shed so if I had the ability to pull out a pack and plug it in to my mower my life would be way simpler!