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Will the Roadster have a portrait or landscape front screen?

As I'm sure everyone knows, starting with the 3, then Y, and soon the S and X, Tesla has been transitioning away from portrait front screens to landscape screens as they are much better at providing entertainment. Back in 2017 when the Roadster was unveiled it had a thin, curved portrait screen. It is a very sleek design but I'm wondering if Tesla will choose a different equally sleek design in order to put in a landscape screen instead. I think this makes sense based on what they seem to prioritize (entertainment) but I don't think they'd necessarily slap a model 3/Y screen on and call it a day. I bet they'd want to make it a seamless design like the prototypes currently are. What are your thoughts? I know this has not been confirmed/denied but it's just fun to speculate about. It would be awesome if artists made some renders of what it could possibly look like.

I've thought about this a lot as well. Clearly all recent Teslas are made with the future, especially FSD, in mind. I think the way Elon thinks about it is the only car you'll want to drive is a great handling sports car, everything else you'll want to be driven around in. I don't think the Roadster will offer entertainment beyond the magnificent driving dynamics. My guess is it will stay vertical but if it is horizontal I'm sure it'll be some next level spectacular setup and wont look like a TV sitting there in the middle.
I was just thinking...maybe they do something like Apple's Pro Display XDR. It's very sleek but can be rotated so it's either horizontal or vertical. Horizontal for entertainment and vertical for driving. This would probably take a lot more effort than it's worth to make it look implemented seamlessly, though!