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WTB: New Tesla 20" Slipstream Wheel & Tire Set (for Model X)


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Looking for complete, proper, 20" silver Slipstream wheel & tire set from recent Model X.
  • With factory TPMS sensors, low-mileage OEM tires, and center caps.
  • With minimal or no damage/wear.
Located near Sacramento, California.
Please PM me to discuss. Thank you.

02-19-2021 Update:

Now mostly looking for some good-quality Continental tires to even out a used set of wheels/tires. See my separate (02/19/21) WTB post.

Continental CrossContact LX Sport - outside face
09/25/2021 Update:

Purchased two new Continental rear tires directly from Tesla.

May look for a pair of used Slipstream wheels--one front and one rear (to build some spares).
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02-05-2021 Update:

Now looking primarily just for rear 20" silver Slipstream wheel(s) & tire(s) for Model X.
  • 20 x 9.5J +40MM wheel(s)
  • 1027245-00-A Tesla Part No.
  • Low-mileage Continental CrossContact LX Sport T0 tire(s)
  • Minimal or no damage/wear
  • Factory TPMS sensors
Located near Sacramento, California.
Please PM me to discuss. Thanks.

SlipStream Wheels - 14.jpg