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Y- roof rack or rear bike rack effect on range???

We own a 3 here. Our bikes used to fit well in the back of an Outback, some parts in a roof top box. I bought a special bike rack to put on our model 3 hitch, did some simple short runs analyzing how the range would be affected, got a sense that overall range would be 1/3rd less. I could maybe take a few parts off the bikes (seats and tires) and get better range.

Has anyone analyzed range changes towing things like bikes either in car top carriers or rear hitch mounted carriers?

Our bikes are 3 wheel recumbents but they do fold in half. I could get at least one of them inside a Y, perhaps both. A car top carrier would really make carrying the tires and seats easier.

Thank you!
Last weekend I drove to Albuquerque and back with one mtb on the hitch rack. 208mi round trip with half on back highway and half on interstate. I charged to 305 miles before leaving and finished with 21mi left on the charge. The temp was not that cold, as it was 65f in Abq and about 52f in Los Alamos. elevation was 7500' to 9800' to 5300' and back to 7500' on the drive. Looks like a 30% drop is pretty repeatable, however, I drove to Abq the weekend before with no bike on and finished with 28mi left back at my house, so the bike may make little difference in the trip.