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    Tire replacements

    oh, i forgot the name nor have i have the receipt with me now, but it's a small shop in To Kwa Wan. it's at Ha Heung Road just being the Tin Hau Temple. i only went it as just drove past it and saw the guy changing tire for somebody else - the guy did it properly and paid good attention, his...
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    Placed deposit on solar roof and Powerwall

    do note that whilst buying electricity to store on their powerwall then selling it back at peak at higher price sounds exploitative, it's in fact beneficial to both the electricity company and household battery owner. it's always a fine balance between losing excess when operating at base load...
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    Fantastic Hong Kong Registration Mark on Offer

    do people even bid for vanity plates in the secondary market nowadays? i think apart from "I love you" sold at launch at $1.4mil when this scheme first came out, i haven't really read much. however, OP is an account made with one post purely in effort to flog a vanity plate, no doubt they do...
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    Better Way For HK Govt to do FRT

    your idea is sound - what public policy needs in order to push buyers towards EV is the tax parity between EV and ICE. the bullshit about road congestion is easily mitigated by raising FRT for ALL new cars, whilst maintaining the tax parity. say for a $800k EV, you pay $100k tax for a total of...
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    Rear/ Side mirrors auto-dimming in Model S, and my attempt to disable it

    having gone thru annual check ups and mentioning everytime i have contact with Tesla HK, my mirrors are still way too dark when they auto-dim since they have never been properly addressed. now i just use the rear camera (always set to top half of main screen) and physically turning my head. oh...
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    Tesla surprise-unveiled its new roadster at its semi truck unveiling event...

    video footage of new roadster launching from standstill (video pointed at 56:46, car launch is at 57:00 onwards)
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    Tesla surprise-unveiled its new roadster at its semi truck unveiling event...

    As for the Tesla semi truck, it claims a 500 mile range with a 80,000lbs full load at highway 60km/h but i doubt any of us here are lining up outside the store for one
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    Tesla surprise-unveiled its new roadster at its semi truck unveiling event...

    apologies for posting it in local HK forum, some of us may not see it otherwise Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils a surprise new car: A ridiculously fast Roadster i have zero taste in car aesthetics so i'll leave the sujective praise up to others. here're some numbers! 2+2 seats 200 kwh battery...
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    EV drivers protest

    agreed. not to piss on their bonfire, but a slow drive is EXACTLY how you lose support of those previously indifferent to the issue, which, is basically the majority of the general public. as if your everyday commute isn't stressful enough with the number of cars on the road and everyone...
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    Does anyone know other Tesla Secret Codes?

    it works on production cars. i have a pre-facelift 70D, and entering the "Performance" code lets me choose from 70D (labelled "Max"), 70, 60D and 60. i'd imagince higher models would just have more options. I've never put my car into 70 RWD to drift it tho, maybe i should when i feel reckless...
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    Tire replacements

    just a quick update, found a shop that replaced my tires with Michelin Primacy 3ST 19" at $1500 per tire, including balancing. pretty cheap i think. my old tires had enough centre/inner tread left for another 2-4k km (haven't even worn down to the warning nubs on centre treads), but the outer...
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    Borrow Tesla charger in Tai Mei Tuk

    unfortunately i do not live nearby however, do you have a universal charge cable? they have the home appliance 3 prong UK standard plug and i think they run at 10A (or 13A?) 220V, which means you can plug into an outlet and get about 10km of charge an hour, one charge overnight should net you...
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    Tire replacements

    Thanks, any shop recommendation? I'd prefer the kowloon side, but HK island is also fine. Currently I don't really have a good shop contact to rely on.
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    Tire replacements

    the 19" tires on my model S are on their last leg now, and i'm looking for replacement - i'm reluctant to get them replaced by tesla hk since it's not necessary. has anyone got recommendations of a shop/ types of tires? i've read about certain tires made with some sort of fabric inside to...
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    Relocating to UK - take Tesla with??

    have you checked your check-in baggage allowance?

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