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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    The class action was bought by a plaintiff who paid $5,000 extra for “full self driving” and never received full self driving. Your post has nothing to do with that. I’m totally satisfied with my car and at the same time think that Tesla and Elon are liars about FSD and anybody who purchased...
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    Breaking News: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Tesla re: FSD

    I think the most likely result is that anyone who purchased FSD will get the entirety of their money returned to them. To be honest, I can’t even imagine another result. There is no defense for Tesla here. I predict Tesla settles for that result as opposed to litigating and opening themselves...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    You don’t need to go to Elon’s statements. When I bought a car in 2021, the website itself said that FSD — auto steer on city streets — was coming later in 2021. If I believed that were true, I would have bought it, but I knew it was false so I didn’t pay the $10k. Tesla’s best defense at...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    I was aware of his statements when I was considering whether to buy FSD for $10k last year. It quickly became apparent that Elon Musk is a perpetual liar so I discounted his statements and dropped FSD from my order. The car (model S refresh) has been great. The lying nonsense about FSD and...
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    Breaking News: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Tesla re: FSD

    I mean, is this even 50% of the way there? Driving satisfactorily 90% of the time seems like 5% of the way there to me. None of the hard problems have been solved. The hard problems are not how to stay in a lane, stay behind the car ahead of you, and stop at red lights and stop signs. The...
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    Breaking News: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Tesla re: FSD

    honestly speaking, I don’t even know what the defense would be. Can you imagine what the emails of employees working on FSD say? Pretty sure they don’t say that there will be robotaxis in 2019.
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    The catastrophe of FSD and erosion of trust in Tesla

    From my perspective, it doesn't matter whether they use lidar, radar, sonar, particle beams, magnetic waves, ultrasound, etc. The problem is they're never in our lifetimes going to make software competent to handle all the rare and unpredictable occurrences that the human brain can handle...
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    Auto Pilot Disabled for the Rest of the JOURNEY!?

    I've been locked out of AP multiple times when I was completely paying attention, because I was watching the road instead of the display panel and my hands weren't gripping the yoke tightly enough. Yes, I know there's a warning sound, but I sometimes miss that for whatever reason. I wish there...
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    Auto Pilot Disabled for the Rest of the JOURNEY!?

    Generally, you're right that I get locked out because I accelerated to a higher speed (e.g., to give another car room to merge in). But the speed does not need to be as fast as you are suggesting. It can be very low on some roads. Regardless, there is no reason to lock me out of autopilot for...
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    Phantom braking survey

    I've had phantom braking a few times -- overpass, rain splashing, (I think) glare from the sun. It's not so bad. It's a good reminder that the computer has no intelligence whatsoever so you need to be watchful at all times. The idea that this thing will be driving around on its own any time...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Weird how such a smart guy can be so dumb about FSD. There will be no Level 5 FSD in the foreseeable future. Not next year, not in ten years. 0% chance. The fundamental problem is: the computer doesn't understand what's happening around it and cannot make safe decisions in innumerable...
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    Autopark People!

    I do like auto lane change for this reason. I figure I will just buy autopilot for one month any time I'm going on a long trip so that I can have auto lane change. The rest of the FSD features are garbage, as others have noted. Charging $10k for this garbage is shameful.
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    Tesla Light Show: Custom Show Creation

    I want to be able to make the car speak remotely and wink the lights remotely. Thanks. also — it would probably be pretty easy to create an automated light show that responds to any input music. I used to see screensavers do this 20 years ago.
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    Refresh S Stereo

    I think the audio system is excellent. It’s rekindled my interesting in listening to new music because the quality is so high.
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    Active Road Noise Cancellation

    It works. Unfortunately, the noise that it cancels is just a small fraction of the noise from driving.

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