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    A few things I think Tesla could have done better

    Regarding the hitch cover, check out Every Amp (formerly Living Tesla) YouTube channel. They have a great solution which is essentially removing all but 4 of the tabs. Ever since making that mod it’s been 100x better. Truly it was a hassle before the mod. I had a loaner BMW this week as my...
  2. J

    Need for screen protector?

    For me, it’s the kid factor. He’s cool and fun but occasionally a little clumsy. I put a protector on my phone screens and it’s saved me many times. Granted there is little chance of dropping this but it’s nice to not stress about it. I acknowledge that this is likely a useless accessory but...
  3. J

    Need for screen protector?

    I will agree that a matte screen protector has been a worthwhile investment. Far fewer fingerprints and I find it easier to see the screen - even if it’s a little dimmer. Honestly I don’t even notice it’s there anymore.
  4. J

    So who’s got Enhanced Autopilot?...let’s hear your feedback! Still deciding.

    I really would appreciate auto lane change but for $4k, I cannot justify it given the limited highway use my vehicle sees presently. If I had a long commute in traffic I'd consider it because I think that the standard AP system is very frustrating to have to re-engage after every lane change...
  5. J

    Paint a starting to pit on hood

    Yeah, that looks like iron contamination of your clearcoat. I'd pick up some iron remover to decontaminate and then see what it looks like after that. This is a "shootout" video on iron removers but it does a good job of explaining what the issue is, how the product works and a recommendation...
  6. J

    Trunk closing but not locking..

    I had this happen after mobile service did some work on my charge port door. I assume they removed the tail light assembly and then reinstalled it. When it was replaced I suspect the stops integrated into the tail lights were off by a little bit. A simple fix - no need to wait for mobile...
  7. J

    State Inspection in NH

    I wanted to give credit to Duncan's European Auto for having a very nice, clean shop and were very quick to process my inspection. I went there today and will be going back for the Tesla and perhaps for my 135i as well! A nice drive down on a sunny Friday. A little slower back to the Lakes...
  8. J

    What will you name your Model Y?

    ATMOS Reference to the GPS/emissions system in Dr Who: The Sontaran Strategem. perhaps it’s not too far off if Elon is partnering with Aliens.
  9. J

    Do you regret paying for Full Self Driving?

    Exactly. I'd submit that it's actually kind of dangerous to have AP disable on lane changes. I have caught myself thinking that AP was on after a lane change when actually I was driving.
  10. J

    Do you regret paying for Full Self Driving?

    No, the basic autopilot in the model Y does not do ANY lane changing. If it does, it's never worked for me.
  11. J

    Carrier Direct to NH Experience

    AH that is a bummer - having a new vehicle and not being able to drive it must be frustrating. I am still waiting on the correct screws to attach my NJ temp plate to the car as they were nowhere to be found. Not a show stopper as I stole the ones off a car in the garage but if I want to drive...
  12. J

    Carrier Direct to NH Experience

    OK, well whatever. It ended up being a non-issue anyway. Call it luck, call it a lack of bad luck, call it whatever. I'm moving on. Note to anyone who is doing a carrier direct pickup - be sure to talk to your Delivery Specialist if you have concerns over having a car delivered. You may...
  13. J

    Carrier Direct to NH Experience

    A follow up - I talked to my Delivery Specialist on a follow up call last week for one of the minor issues I had. I asked specifically what would have happened if there was a "red line" issue that would have prevented me from taking delivery. You do have the ability to reject the vehicle and...
  14. J

    Carrier Direct to NH Experience

    I don't think that I was lucky more than I was just not unlucky. I wanted to share that there are instances where people have Carrier Direct work well for them. This forum has far more negative stories about issues than positive ones. The car is not 100% perfect, but I have yet to have...
  15. J

    Software Update for "Home" Tailgate setting (please!)

    I will "third" this idea. Hopefully they can deliver on this one!

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