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  1. J

    Model S Auto Present Handles setting not saving...

    Hi. Sorry if already posted but anyone have issues with the latest update where the settings made to the “Vehicle” setting does not save, particularly, the auto present handles? On 2020.44.10 and no matter how many times I trigger the auto present handles to on, it’ll “Save” but the minute I...
  2. J

    Do you have shudder on hard acceleration? AKA death rattle?

    Just took the car into the Fremont shop for this issue. 2018 Model S 100D - Dec 2018 Build (Non-Performance) First showed the SA/Technician a recorded video that produced the ratting noise. Then we went off for a test drive and right there on the spot, we were able to replicate the noise by...
  3. J

    AC Noise - Loud!

    Is it an an A/C issue though? Can someone confirm? Or just "normal" and you just have to live with it? Mine sounds the same, at fan speed of 5 or higher. If I try set the climate control to cool down my car via app, before I leave work, I'll definitely hear the loud AC noise the minute I step...
  4. J

    AC Noise - Loud!

    Bay Area has been a scorcher lately, with yesterday's temp over 100+ (at least, in the South Bay). Today's another scorcher as well and this is my first summer with the Model S. 2018 Dec Build Model S, 100D. The loud AC noise was startling. It almost didn't sound normal but from reviewing this...
  5. J

    Powder coat wheels black, gunmetal or....?

    Yeah, haven't had time to pick some up. Though, I don't mind the look right now but eventually, I'll get some black lug nut covers.
  6. J

    Powder coat wheels black, gunmetal or....?

    Not a red S but white, with the slipstreams powdercoated satin black + red calipers.
  7. J

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    2018 MS Dec 18 Build USA MCU2 AP2.5 Update is installing right now.
  8. J

    Software Update 2019.12.x

    Not sure if someone has reported this but I've been experiencing the screens just lagging and freezing up on me to the point where it'll turn off and reboot itself, as I'm driving. It won't reboot until after it's been frozen for a couple minutes . Car still drives but nothing is operable...
  9. J

    Model S Wake up Problems

    It's happened to me twice, in the morning heading to work, in the last two days. On Monday AM, I went out to my car, doors unlock, and I was pretty much sitting in the dark. Both screens were off and I wasn't sure what as happening. Had to eventually do a reset and the screens finally booted...
  10. J

    Software Update 2019.12.x

    Same. I got this update last night.
  11. J

    Software Update 2019.8.x

    In a way you're still confirming lane change, just a different way because it's not going to change lane until you have your hands on wheel, which you should anyways. I don't know how sensitive your steering wheel is against touch but even with hands on the wheel, it'll ask me to apply light...
  12. J

    Software Update 2019.8.x

    Thanks. Appreciate the insight. Yeah, there were times where it'll turn on the blinker, chime, vibrate the wheels, but won't change lane. It'll just keep going straight with blinkers on. I'm like, wtf? Lol, then I look at the screen and realized that "Apply light pressure.." message is on the...
  13. J

    Software Update 2019.8.x

    I've noticed with the no-confirmation lane change on NOA, almost all the lane changes, simultaneously, prompts the "apply light pressure to steering wheel" before the vehicle will change lane. I would have to apply pressure, and then the car will change lane. Will play with it again later when...
  14. J

    Best USB stick for Dashcam?

    Thanks. Glad this is a problem specific to my vehicle. Hopefully they can come out with a fix. It worked at first, but then the green started showing up on the left repeater recently.
  15. J

    Best USB stick for Dashcam?

    Anyone have any issues with video distortion? I'm noticing left repeater videos are distorted and are green for the button half of the videos. Front and right repeater seem fine. Not sure if it's related to USB?

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