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  1. K

    Heads-Up-Display (HUD): More proof

    I think the HUD display will feature block buster movies because of AP !!
  2. K

    What kind of home charger to get?

    Thanks. That is the conclusion I came to as well but it is good to hear it works from someone with actual experience. I will be doing quite a bit of long distance travel on the weekends but that is what superchargers are for !! - - - Updated - - - Also, i live in a Townhouse. Is it better...
  3. K

    What kind of home charger to get?

    So here is an interesting twist to ask... I have an old Hot Water Heater line that is run to the front wall of my house. 40A circuit. Placing it outside on the front wall of the house would be easy. Would this be the best option or should I consider upgrading it to a 14-50 ? Given that my...
  4. K

    Model X Review

    Long but good and interesting !! Tesla Model X - Pros Cons - Driving Review - Everyday Driver - YouTube
  5. K

    We want some Model 3 Leaks, renders, sketches !

    +1 Point right on ... What McRat seems to be forgetting is that the base Model 3 will be half the base Model S and the loaded Model 3 will be half the loaded Model S which makes it about the same cost as a base Model S.
  6. K

    Tesla with hand controls for disabled people

    My thought is that it will not be necessary in a couple of years. All Teslas will be self- driving.
  7. K

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Are those maybe the bases that get burried in the ground with the Super Charger on top ?
  8. K

    Lo-Drag: Cd < 0.2

    A car is not really an asset. Well, ok if it is paid off it is an asset but it is still depreciating and not an investment. I guess technically you are right it's an asset. But if it is your biggest asset you have far more problems than autonomomous driving wrecking (pun intended) your...
  9. K

    Model 3 Reveal Dates?

    I would hold out the last 7-10 days of March. Likely the end of the month. TM tries to squeak in at the last minute.
  10. K

    Any S drivers think they might prefer the smaller 3?

    WOW! I never thought I would like a Buick again !! LOL Make it a Tesla convertible and I'll take 2.
  11. K

    We want some Model 3 Leaks, renders, sketches !

    Agreed. But ain't gonna happen ....
  12. K

    We want some Model 3 Leaks, renders, sketches !

    Yes to all except a scaled down Model S. Elon has said it will look like no other car on the market. This scares me a bit but I am holding hopes on his statement that it will not be a wierdmobile. I have confidence that it will be amazing.
  13. K

    Tesla Supercharger network

    ??? Your point ? Sorry just confused.
  14. K

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Well then MAYBE those people should actually charge at HOME instead of 20 miles down the road and complain that they don't have one 5 miles away instead !! Some people, myself not included, can not even make the trips they want or have to go hundreds of miles out of their way to make it instead...
  15. K

    Tesla Supercharger network

    While I appreciate that several Superchargers were just completed on the east coast affecting how biased this map looks towards CA and that there is probably a big push to get things completed by year end not only in the US but worldwide. To me this map paints a disturbing image...... none the...

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