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Recent content by MaikWho

  1. M

    FS: N2itive Adjustable Camber and Toe Arms

    No longer available!
  2. M

    FS: N2itive Adjustable Camber and Toe Arms

    Red and black plating are different prices but thanks.
  3. M

    FS: N2itive Adjustable Camber and Toe Arms

    N2itive adjustable camber arms and adjustable toe arms for the rear. Both brand new in the box. I decided to let go of my X instead of installing these. These allow you to align the rear wheels so you don’t get excessive tire wear. Teslas do not come with adjustable arms from the factory. Fit...
  4. M

    Anyone been able to use Pirelli Scorpion Mileage Warranty?

    In regards to the no warranty for staggered vehicles, I think I remember reading about that somewhere when I was shopping for tires. You may be onto something with Costco. Another option would be to have the tires flipped on each wheel to get more life out of them. This is better done before...
  5. M

    MX Recurring Half Shaft Problem

    I ended up ordering the N2uitive adjustable camber and toe arms so that I can just ride in low ride height and not have tire wear issues. This is what I'm referring to Eliminate Inner Tire & Premature Half-Shaft Wear On Tesla X/S! they explain it on their website. I did not get the lowering kit...
  6. M

    Another front suspension control arm failure

    Is anyone out there opting for aftermarket parts rather than the Tesla parts? I understand the part may be "revised" but that remains to be seen as to whether it holds up. I found some random ones on RockAuto and found Beck Arnley options as well. JW as I'm looking to replace mine on my X.
  7. M

    Model X front end creaking

    Absolutely no reason why any of those parts should be failing for everyone unless it was faulty parts/engineering. This is a very common X issue. Multiple threads on the first page on the same complaints. NHSTA do something!! Everyone experiencing these issues should report it to NHSTA so Tesla...
  8. M

    Creaks and Groans - and a "whirrr"?

    It seems the X's are plagued with an assortment of suspension issues. Could be anything from front swaybar links to the fore or aft links or even the half shaft which apparently goes bad when you ride in standard mode. The bushings on the links all fail relatively quickly on this vehicle. China...
  9. M

    MX Recurring Half Shaft Problem

    What ride height is everyone here who’s experiencing problems at? The axle angles at standard height are too great and it is recommended to ride at low height, which then adds too much camber to the rear giving excessive tire wear. N2uitive makes products to help correct these issues. Been...
  10. M

    For Sale 22" Tesla Black Onyx Set of Wheels & Tires - Brand New Never Used (Tampa/Sarasota Area)

    Also interested for local pickup if still available. You are unable to receive PM's for some reason.
  11. M

    Model S Performance Carbon fiber OEM Lip Spoiler 9 out of 10

    Update on price and availability?
  12. M

    Roadster 2.0 not charging help!

    It’s in standard mode. Tesla has had it for a few days now and still no updates. They did try their charger which also did not work. They think maybe the charging connector or the PEM now. Unfortunately they are not very quick to work on it and I only have tomorrow to figure it out before I...
  13. M

    Roadster 2.0 not charging help!

    The charging cable is the UMC. The vehicle status screen says something like preparing to charge the for a split second says charging then immediately says charging canceled and cycles back to preparing to charge. There’s a quick blip of white strobe flashing between each time it try’s to cycle...
  14. M

    Roadster 2.0 not charging help!

    I am ashamed that my first post here is one in a time of need. I just purchased the Roadster today and it’s down to 30 miles until the battery is drained and I worry it won’t last until my scheduled inspection/service on Tuesday. It seems to drain quite a bit over night. I had a NEMA 14-50...

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