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  1. Nolakai

    Tesla making buyers sign promise not to resell?

    Our 2021 Y is quiet and comfortable. Too bad they lost out on a great ride!
  2. Nolakai

    Elon Musk

    Dows he address climate collapse and environmental catastrophe? How these relate to population and political and economic resilience?
  3. Nolakai

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Hey, more great news coming on climate thanks to Elon's party: Republican Drive to Tilt Courts Against Climate Action Reaches a Crucial Moment So is the pro-population stuff because he knows more children will die prematurely from pollution now that his party is stacking the courts with judges...
  4. Nolakai

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    It's interesting because Elon is endorsing right-wing politicians who are unmoved by incredible amounts of suffering and death right now. Gun violence is now more deadly to American kids than car accidents. The US has double or even triple the maternal mortality rate than in Europe and other...
  5. Nolakai

    Elon Musk

    There is a lot of excellent scholarship on collapse and resilience. My partner, an archaeologist, studies and writes about it and has published widely. The idea that population decrease will cause collapse is just not grounded in any data at all. Population pressures lead to environmental...
  6. Nolakai

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Are they? Really? Do you think that Elon Musk endorsing right-wing candidates will make them decide to get EVs from Tesla vs, say, Ford? Where's the data on that? Perhaps he's being clever and he's endorsing climate deniers like DeSantis in order to sell more cars. Or perhaps he's politically...
  7. Nolakai

    Elon Musk

    For what end and what purpose? To troll? To be clever? To get more likes and retweets? When does this man actually work anyway?
  8. Nolakai

    2 Model Y or Ioniq 5?

    "Luxury" is definitely subjective. I find the Y to be very luxurious, in large part because of its minimalist aesthetic. Nothing feels cheaper to me than an over-designed vehicle or object. But of course, that is my subjective opinion. Fortunately, there are more options now, so everyone can...
  9. Nolakai

    Dashcam doesn’t alert when it isn’t working

    We are having the same issue. It’s a new problem that seems to be related to 2022.12.3.2. Hopefully it will be fixed with the next software update.
  10. Nolakai

    Tesla Model Y - Things You Should Know!

    I've never understood why some drivers don't slow down when it's raining, especially when the road first gets wet. This is a basic teaching in driver's ed for a reason. It's not that hard to avoid hydroplaning regardless of your car or your tires. Just slow the f- down. Same is true on a...
  11. Nolakai

    Tesla Model Y - Things You Should Know!

    We traded a 2016 Prius for the Model Y and actually, the Prius's interior was not nearly as nice as the Model Y's. Granted, I appreciate minimalist design and perhaps others do not. The Prius was hard to keep clean, too busy, and the sight lines were absolutely horrible. It was a blind spot car...
  12. Nolakai

    Just sold my Model Y - Parting thoughts

    You can take it through a normal car wash. We do it and have zero issues. Same with friends who have a M3. Kyle from out of spec fave a 100k mile review of his M3 recently and said he’d been taking his car through car washes since he took delivery in 2019. Paint still looks perfect.
  13. Nolakai

    Ear pain/Pressure help

    We were rear ended and had to have a new hatch and bumper installed. Far less noise of any kind after the repair. Might be interesting to have the hatch removed and reinstalled by an experienced body shop.
  14. Nolakai

    Updated to 2022.12.3.2 on May 2.

    Hold one of the app buttons until the full menu appears, then drag the new seat warmer/etc apps down. They don’t appear in the regular menu accessed by the three dash symbol. Have to hold an existing app on the bottom menu down to access them.
  15. Nolakai

    Does Tesla Service Center offer curb rash fixes?

    A black Sharpie is your friend! We keep one in the glovebox now. Honestly works better than the expensive paints, in my experience. It doesn't filling in the gashes, obviously, but it matches the color close enough that you can't see the rash unless you look really, really close.

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