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  1. OConnorStP

    Cybertruck in sub. -30C temperatures

    -30 is just plain miserable and cars/trucks feel the same way. That said, it's a lot easier to start my Tesla than it is to start the diesel tractors in the morning. Range takes a hit and at -30 I'd probably count on about 50% when doing travel planning if starting from dead cold. The...
  2. OConnorStP

    Favorite options? I want a snowplow and a winch.

    Yep -- that's the big problem with my smallest plowing option (Ranger EV with a blade) -- too light. Seems like the perfect spot -- and terrific if Tesla added it to the AC outlets and air-compressor already on board. But an aftermarket winch would be OK too.
  3. OConnorStP

    Favorite options? I want a snowplow and a winch.

    Pickup trucks are all about the stuff you'd be wanting to add. Me, I want a snowplow and a winch in the worst way. I have 3 options for clearing my road. This is a picture of the only one the Cybertruck *couldn't* replace. Instant start, heated cab. Get on it you peepul.
  4. OConnorStP

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    That's the "good friend" wave. Not the same meaning. ;-)
  5. OConnorStP

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    Yep! and how the heck can we do one-finger waves to each other??
  6. OConnorStP

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    I live in the country. I'm sooo looking forward to showing mine off. I don't want it to look like all our other trucks. Who would notice it?? Ordered this AM.
  7. OConnorStP

    Who has ordered?

    Tri-motor here too.
  8. OConnorStP

    Raven "Rated" Watts Per Mile and Real World Experience

    Interesting how many of us P85D folks are here in this thread. Here's my P85D (ludicrous upgrade) lifetime, just before trading it in on the Raven Performance (new rules, so Ludicrous included). I'm having a similar experience over my "familiar" drives -- it seems easy to get as-good or better...
  9. OConnorStP

    A thread for people with no problems

    P85D/Ludicrous -- mine was in the first batch to come out after the dreaded "seats" fiasco in the initial production run of the P85D. Early 2015. Daily driver. No problems at all after 30k miles. Lifetime watt-hours/mile is sitting at 294, in Western Wisconsin, where we know how to winter.
  10. OConnorStP

    Supercharger - Bend, OR

    Thanks! Those trips seem pretty comparable to a run from Bend. How much remaining-charge are you anticipating when you get to Baker City?
  11. OConnorStP

    Supercharger - Bend, OR

    What do you locals think -- can I make it from the Baker City supercharger to this new one? Planning a trip to Bend in late summer and that would rock my world. I've got a P85D and am comfortable driving pretty slow if needed.
  12. OConnorStP

    Help with SolarCity Powerguide

    I think that may just be a configuration error on their current-monitoring setup. I've got several eGauges spread across three boxes here at the farm and it took my about five million runs at configuring it before it was right. A lot of my graphs looked like this one along the way. Have you...
  13. OConnorStP

    Tesla moments

    Was at a high-performance toys store yesterday, buying a Polaris EV ATV for the farm. I gave the salesguy a ride and the store owner walks by, so he gets roped into the ride as well. We're both 65 year old geezer types. Drive out on the service road and I go "wait! there's this new Launch...
  14. OConnorStP

    Tesla Powerwall Installation E-Mail

    Got one here in WI several days ago (basically Twin Cities, Minnesota). Still debating whether to fill it out.
  15. OConnorStP

    Winter Driving

    I'm still trying to puzzle out the defrosting although I seem to have the hang of it now. My car seems to vary between normal-cold weather and crazy-Wisconsin-COLD weather (-30, which is the same whether you're doing Centigrade or Fahrenheit). In normal-cold (20F/-7C) the car seems to like a...

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