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    Weird charging error while driving?

    I've been driving my Model 3 for about a week. I've been getting an odd error and was wondering if it's happened for anyone else. Sporadically (maybe once every 50 miles?), while driving I get a warning beep and an error pops up on my screen for a second or so that says something like...
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    AWD delivery thread

    Good to see you around, too! Congrats on your (soon to be) Model 3!
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    AWD delivery thread

    Mine doesn't. Forgot to ask if/how they wanted to add it. I don't really care if I have it or not, so I'll probably just let it be.
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    AWD delivery thread

    Assuming all goes as planned, I'm taking delivery today of my 3 today in Dedham. (AWD, MSM, 18's) Since everything seemingly has to happen at once, I'll have just enough time to drive it home and then leave the country for 10 days.
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    For another data point re: your post and @Bokonon above, I got my VIN and delivery date about a week ago. However, I got the call/email while on the road for work and between being busy and then slipping my mind when I finally got free, I didn't actually update my entry in the sheet until...
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    For current owners who configured their Dual Motor AWD 3 order in Jun 2018

    Got my VIN and delivery date today. 542XX and delivery on August 9th. Res: 3/31/16 (in-store) Order: 6/26/18 VIN and Delivery Call: 7/27/18 Delivery Date: 8/9/18 (Dedham) LR AWD, MSM, 18, EAP, FSD (Model X owner)
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    You might want to start a separate thread to mention this. As far as I know you're the first person assigned an AWD VIN and given the amount of speculation still going on regarding when that might happen in other threads, it's not clear people have noticed. (Deferring to the mods, of course...
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    The Mystery of the Edit Button

    @FishMann Interesting, makes me wonder if there are slightly different rules in the background for RWD and AWD. For example there is a much higher chance that someone with no edit button has a VIN behind the scenes if they ordered a RWD model. People have mentioned changing the status of...
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    The Mystery of the Edit Button

    Thanks - good to know. I've seen some people comment that it disappeared shortly before getting scheduled for delivery. There's a reasonable chance that's just random or confirmation bias, so I was curious what others saw/have seen. In any case, it hasn't disappeared for everyone. Also...
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    The Mystery of the Edit Button

    For those who have configured, there seems to be some randomness to whether or not you have an "Edit" button after configuration and ordering. A few theories: - It's random or buggy - It goes away after a set period of time (e.g. 24 hours after configuration) - It goes away when something...
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    So who actually has configured their P or AWD?

    See here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/2761941/
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    1st day line waiter, got your AWD invite, please post your reservation time here

    Just bumping this since it looks like a new round of invites went out.
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    ACH on day of delivery

    I paid with ACH on day of delivery for my Model X.
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    1st day line waiter, got your AWD invite, please post your reservation time here

    Thanks - I had thought of UTC, but incorrectly had -5 for EST stuck in my head so that wasn't making sense. Given that -4 is correct, that probably means my memory is just off by half an hour for when I reserved.
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    1st day line waiter, got your AWD invite, please post your reservation time here

    FYI - for those that want to post (or look up) the precise time that Tesla has for your reservation, you can do the following: Go to the configuration/design page View the page source Ctrl-f to search the source for "reservationDate" The date after the colon is the timestamp Tesla has for your...

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