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  1. R1Fast

    FSD 10.4 Unavailable in rain

    10.3 FSD was working fine in light to even medium rain. 10.4 FSD on the other hand won't engage even with a very light sprinkle.
  2. R1Fast

    Any of you have 100/99 scores still not get any FSD till today?

    Was 98 yesterday, hit 99 this morning. Does anyone know if they're retroactively adding 99s in this scenario? Or are we SOL until the 98s drop?
  3. R1Fast

    Autopilot wont engage [2021.4.12.2]

    Wondering if anyone else is having this issue (now or recently) Autopilot stopped working in my P3 shortly (maybe right) after the last update to 2021.4.12.2. First time in 3 years I've ever had an issue with my 3 and/or Autopilot. I would normally assume it's an issue w/this specific SW...
  4. R1Fast

    Blog Musk Touts ‘Quantum Leap” in Full Self-Driving Performance

    @DanCar not sure where you're getting your data from but this seems inaccurate. Provide your source or show one article indicating Waymo no longer having a dependency in geofencing. That's just how Lidar works IIRC. It's also not scalable because lidar cost and size are both enormous... so...
  5. R1Fast

    Tesla HW 4.0?

    Yeah good point. On Elon time HW4 is literally sometime in 2022 (if we're lucky) and who even knows at this point how upgrades will work. I'll just buy an extra TSLA share now with the expectation it will double in price by then and use it to fund the 4.0 upgrade. :)
  6. R1Fast

    Tesla HW 4.0?

    Wondering the same. I got the EAP>FSD in the last fire sale but haven't had the 3.0 install done. Could possibly go radio-silence to postpone as long as possible (end of next year). Maybe then could get grandfathered into 4.0. All assuming FSD/re-write isn't shipped and street-legal by the...
  7. R1Fast

    Blog Musk Touts ‘Quantum Leap” in Full Self-Driving Performance

    I'm wondering about HW 4.0 and queued 3.0 upgrades. I got the EAP>FSD in the last fire sale but haven't had the 3.0 install done. Now I'm wondering if I should cancel my appt and go radio-silence to postpone as long as possible (end of next year). Maybe then could get grandfathered into 4.0...
  8. R1Fast

    Thoughts on AP/FSD pricing for Q2 $

    I missed the 50% off FSD deal last year (not like it was well communicated IMO) and already paid $5k for EAP. I would hope Tesla would try to stimulate revenue by doing another flash sale... I'll be watching this time.
  9. R1Fast

    Full self driving FSD group buy?

    $2k maybe. Already paid 5k for EAP and get most of the features of 'FSD' as it functions today. Stop signs/lights may be around the corner but true FSD or robotaxi is still years away IMO. Even with 'feature set complete' it will take a few years for testing and FCC/DOT approval. But yeah...
  10. R1Fast

    Roadie: Product Review

    No, the H.E. drive is just another micro-sd and would replace the one that comes in the Roadie. Simply remove the plastic cover on the Roadie and replace the 128gb it comes with. It's just a basic micro-sd slot on a Pi board. This of course is assuming you have properly cloned the contents...
  11. R1Fast

    Roadie: Product Review

    Yeah I really only stumbled onto the delete issue when troubleshooting the gaps in video coverage issue. Thought that a clean wipe of the disk might help get things back on track, then started seeing files I'd deleted reappear. if you aren't manually deleting files you'd probably never...
  12. R1Fast

    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    I did try the Konnwei per your recomm but just couldn't deal with the ~50 packet speeds. Haha. Glad this hack works for the LX at least until a proper fix is baked into firmware.
  13. R1Fast

    Roadie: Product Review

    Also using Android but a legacy version (Marshmallow). This is the last version of Android where the PDANet hotspot hack still works and I'm on a grandfathered Verizon unlimited data plan so refuse to upgrade. Might have something to do w/these issues though from my experimenting and results...
  14. R1Fast

    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    Hey @amund7 / all, just thought I'd circle back and let you know that one of those cheap little OBD extension w/power switch solved my LX woes. Kind of odd but it very rarely hangs any more and if it does sleep a quick flip of the switch usually fixes it. Anyway, just thought I'd share.
  15. R1Fast

    Kenriko Chrome Delete Kit: Show off your tips and pictures here

    Hey Kenriko! Just wanted to give your thread a bump from the dead and report on my Black Matrix kit. It still looks as good as day one despite a pretty crazy PNW winter. Not a single millimeter of peeling/discoloration/failure and it's been one seriously rainy ass wet season up here. It's...

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