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Recent content by The Duke

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    Plaid Vibration around 38-42MPH....

    Going to install lowering links to see if they help. But really wondering if I should sell and get the 1000V Plaid when it comes out.
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    Plaid Vibration around 38-42MPH....

    I think they have done a lot, understand what is happening, but have no solution. On paper the axle angles are fine, out in the real world they have a harmonic or its just too much angle. They can't fix the angle...
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    Plaid Vibration around 38-42MPH....

    Thanks, since you really helped my P100D wheel alignment, what are you running on your Plaid?
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    Plaid Vibration around 38-42MPH....

    Have you tried lowering your Plaid? Some say it helps. As you say, my old P100D (GF car now) did not vibrate. Makes me wonder if it is an axle or harmonic in the dual motors.
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    Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!

    Do it yourself. It takes a few nights to develop the adhesive and get rid of the yellow entirely.
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    Creak/Groan when car gets a twist.

    4 month old Model S Plaid. Was silent until about a week ago. Now when I go into my driveway, which I must approach at an angle while set to low ride height, I hear creaking from the back. To double check I went slowly over speed bumps and the car is definately making noises. My P100D is silent...
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    Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!

    This is a recent event? Our club has a UV box we pass around to totally eliminate the yellow. It's really not an issue any more except to those who hate Tesla and want legislation instead of wanting to fix their problem. Tesla has not sued the supplier for failing to fully develop the glue.
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    Car feels wobbly after new tires

    I had this on mine with second set of tires. Alignment needs to be at the minimum factory settings, almost exactly. If they aligned them "good enough" and in spec but closer to the max settings you get what you describe as well as rapid tire wear. Tell the alignment guy, minimum settings.
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    An honest review of the yoke

    I am pretty much used to the yoke. I also drive GF's P100D and it is not a smooth transition. IMO the worst part is the turn signals are not left/right, they are up/down, just plain stupid. Heat controls are also wrong, left/right and not up/down. Controls should be positioned to make sense...
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    "Refreshed" Model S model VIBRATION tracking and information thread!!!

    Vote choice to add: O I can't drive 40 mph long enough to notice a vibration
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    Model S Plaid Brakes Are Terrible!

    They don't mention the clips are there for efficiency. Having the pads against the rotors gives a little drag.
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    Tires wear out unusually quickly.

    Have you taken your car to a 3rd party alignment shop and told them "set to minimum specs while on low ride height"? Is your inside rear wearing faster than the rest of the tires? Are there any unusual signs of wear? I got almost 30K miles out of a set of Pilot Super Sports when touring the...
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    New Model S Plaid/LR. whistling wind noise at 79+ MPH

    It will probably vary by car. After two trips to the SC they admitted they are not a body shop. I have a friend who works at EBC and does really expensive cars. He agreed to align the doors for a drive in the Plaid. First he checked all the seals, they were OK. He took off each door latch...
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    Model S Plaid 21" Pilot Sport 4S (wet/cool) road noise making me insane.

    Try different tire pressures? Mine howl at 40 - 42, but quiet down at 45 psi.
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    Wiki Mega-consolidated delivery quality issues thread and checklist

    Home delivery of Plaid Monday Feb 7 2022 Guys who dropped the car off were clueless. I asked about that, and they said they were hired to be safe drivers, not technical people. 1) no lower cover for trunk 2) driver door window molding bad / window not adjusted right, has wind noise 3) driver...

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