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12v 12battery

  1. ScoobyDoo82

    My 2021 MY wouldn’t turn on

    Weird story for ya. Today I got home from work and relaxed for an hour before I had to leave for a doctors appointment. I got into my car to leave for the doctor appointment and was sitting there looking at a blank (black screen). Car was completely dead. The Tesla app was showing (my last...
  2. I

    12V AGM battery cycle

    Here is an interesting insight to the 12V AGM battery. Vehicle is a 2013 Model S, 85kwh. This is for sharing purposes only. I love my Tesla, it makes me smile every time I drive it. I have PW2, am inline for a solar roof and a Cyber truck. The battery is brand new, Tesla Mobile Service was...
  3. 4SUPER9

    12V Access: Model S 2021 Refresh

    I am creating this thread to discuss access to power for those who desire modifications to the 2021 refresh Model S, such as adding a radar detector, dashcams, additional LED lighting, etc. This is being already discussed in multiple different areas, but not consolidated anywhere. I...
  4. A

    12v battery died while main battery was fully charged and car plugged in to charger

    Drive my 2018 Model S on Jan 2nd. Plugged it back in to charge that same day with main battery down to about 50% and target charge level set to 70%. Went to drive it last night and the 12v battery was dead. Jumped the 12v battery and when the computer powered on it showed the main battery at...
  5. J

    Why my 12v socket output voltage is 14.5V?

    My dashcam has stopped working, so I have checked the voltage of 12v outlet and found the voltage is 14.5v. Should I go to the service?
  6. T

    P100D X 12V battery dying in a car without any warning?

    Today our P100D X would not turn on and power doors are not working and headlights would flash erratically. Lots of error messages would flash sporadically and ultimately the screen would not turn on. App still worked and car had 240 miles of charge. Had been using the car without issue and it...
  7. Beta V

    Powering my Ham Radio

    I'm installing a Ham radio transmitter in my Model X and wanted to know what's the best way to power it. I understand there is a 12VDC power source in the frunk, but don't know how to access it, nor do I know how to get the wires into the main cabin. Is there a safe way to cross the "firewall?"...
  8. I

    center console 12v outlet - constant power now

    Did anyone else noticed that the center console 12v outlet is now with constant power ON, even with the car off. I'm on 2019.8.5 and this is for a 2018 LR RWD with AP & FSD In the past, the power would shut off once I leave the car and the side mirrors would fold, for some reason, the 12v...
  9. puritan

    Screens froze while driving. Scroll button reset not Reset.

    Hi! Took delivery of my Model X two weeks ago. MCU2 verified. During a drive today, both the instrument cluster screen and the 17" screen froze, unresponsive. I couldn't see what speed I as doing, where I was, nothing. When I pulled over and attempted the scroll button reset method, it...
  10. G

    Issues with my Model S

    I am somewhat disappointed as it almost feels like I have bought a lemon. My 12V Battery has been replaced about 8 months ago. Then two months ago my car send me an charging interrupted message via the phone app. When I checked the car showed 12V battery issue, car needs service and car may not...