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2nd row

  1. R

    MY7 v. MY5 - 2nd row seat recline and trunk space

    I have a Model Y 7-seater on order. After looking online at a few videos of folks spending time in the MY7, I began to worry about the following re the 7-seater: Does the second row not recline as much as the MY 5-seater? If not, could that affect passengers’ comfort? Is there less foot space...
  2. essmd

    How adequate is the A/C airflow in the MX 5-seater for 2nd row passengers?

    There are several threads about this, but now that the Model X 5-seaters are hitting the summer heat for the first time since being delivered, many are questioning the decision by Tesla to eliminate the rear HVAC fan. Tesla needs to realize if they made the proper decision to remove the 2nd fan...
  3. Mr.science3000

    2nd Row seats don't auto-stop

    I was taking my kids for a ride the other day when my son decided to dive between the 2nd and 3rd row as the 2nd row seat was moving backward, Indiana Jones style, when it occurred to me that I should probably make sure the 2nd row seats auto-stop in case he doesn't make it all the way through...