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  1. S

    Deliveries of $80k X?

    Have any been delivered? Anyone have VIN?
  2. CrazyRabbit

    Tax credit 2023 [The tax credit discussion thread]

    Does the model y qualify for the full 7500 federal 2023 tax credit, when configured under 80k purchase price? Lots of caveats in inflation bill: https://electrek.co/2022/08/21/which-electric-vehicles-still-qualify-for-us-federal-tax-credit/ That means you can get your credit up front at the...
  3. C

    Considering trading 21 MYLR for 23 MYLR, what are the differences?

    I am tempted by the $7500 rebate and free 10k supercharging on delivery by EOY on a 23 MYLR. If I get the exact same configuration, other than resetting the Odometer to 0 and rims with zero curb rash/new tires, what other difference/upgrades/downgrades are there? I have the dots on the...
  4. M

    Discussion : All discussion regarding Model 3 and Tax credit in model 3 subforum

    I know that the M3LR doesn’t qualify for the new US incentives because the MSRP is above $55k - and no Teslas qualify until 2023 anyway. Surely it would be easy for Tesla to reduce the MSRP to $54,999 and unbundle some functionality we can buy later. But will they? If not, the MY could end...
  5. Rusty1

    Tax Credit at Risk Again

    Will this be retroactive to Jan 1? Republican introduces new bill to end the $7,500 federal tax credit for electric cars and tax them more instead
  6. M

    EV/Tesla Tax Credit Eligibility

    I had a question about eligibility for the EV/Tesla tax credit. From what I hear, your tax liability needs to exceed the credit amount (in this case $7,500) in order for one to receive the $7,500 refund/credit. What is the definition of tax liability - is it total taxes paid/due for the entire...
  7. Brightonuk

    $7500 Tax Credit Taken Back

    I have a 2011 Nissan Leaf that was a 3 yr lease beginning 12/15/2011. Nissan have agreed to take car back under the Florida Lemon law (I complained about the abysmal mileage every month to the dealer) I was told they would refund all the money I had spent on the car thus far, which made me very...