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AP 2.O

  1. M

    12/2016 Model S EAP 2.0 75D 39K miles - $65,000

    This beautiful multi-coat Red Auto-Pilot 2.0 75D is in pristine shape. 39,xxx miles. Car was delivered in February 2017. Includes Free Unlimited Super Charging. Premium Interior with Alcantara dashboard! Includes Evannex full car cover. Upgraded LED lighting. No curb rash on rims...
  2. MGMDaware

    yikes, almost hit a motorcycle in traffic today

    Was in bumper to bumper traffic this am on my way to work (nothing new). I had AP set while I happen to be looking down at my phone (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know) and started rolling forward at a crawl. I looked up and was centimeters from smashing into the back of a motorcycle. Fortunately, I...
  3. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S AP2 Front and B Pillar Cameras

    Here are my listings for the AP2 forward facing triple camera ($750), the LH + RH B Pillar Cameras ($400) Please message me with any questions, thanks! Tesla Model S X (2016-2017) OEM AP2 Forward Facing Autopilot Camera 1089531-00-C | eBay Tesla Model S (2016-2017) OEM AP2 LH B Pillar...
  4. F

    New MCU AND 10.4?

    ok, I couldn’t find an answer, so starting fresh. I picked-up my S75D Saturday (and love it, obviously). Question: it has software 10.2 and though I have the trunk open feature on my app, the AP doesn’t appear to have the update (the auto-lane changing is abrupt, to say the least). Has...
  5. rush6410

    AP 2.x - Learned something new

    I had a loaner for a week (S 100D). One of the first things I noticed different from mine was the ease in which the auto steering disengages when making a lane change on non highway roads. In fact as soon as I would put the blinker on, it would disengage. The lane change is very smooth then I...