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  1. Tesery

    Vendor Tesery Dry Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Tesla Model Y / 3

    Enhance Your Tesla Model Y Exterior with a High-Quality Carbon Fiber Spoiler from Tesery.com Are you a proud owner of a Tesla Model Y looking to take its style and performance to the next level? Look no further! Tesery.com is excited to introduce our premium Tesla Model Y spoiler, designed to...
  2. P

    Model Y Headlight Gap On Passenger Side

    Hello, I took delivery of 2023 MY and noticed that there is a large gap on passenger side headlight compared to driver side one. I was wondering if Tesla would fix this. I am worried they will have to take apart the frunk and bumper and that may create other issues. Has anyone had this issue...
  3. A

    Interesting body shop experience

    My model 3 was recently hit in a parking lot and sustained a dent to the driver side front fender. The shop had to blend the driver door panel. I got the car back today in perfect condition aside from one slightly odd detail: the driver side handle had a glossy finish. On the work order, it...
  4. model y.jpg

    model y.jpg

    Tesla Model Y Caliper Covers are a great choice if you want to protect your tire calipers from rust or just want to upgrade your Tesla exterior . They’re easy to install and you’ll love the high-quality material. Tesery caliper covers will increase the luxury sense.
  5. 19 20 Wheel Brake Caliper Cover Suitable For Tesla Model Y 2020-2023 (4).jpg

    19 20 Wheel Brake Caliper Cover Suitable For Tesla Model Y 2020-2023 (4).jpg

    Tesla Model Y Caliper Covers are a great choice if you want to protect your tire calipers from rust or just want to upgrade your Tesla exterior . They’re easy to install and you’ll love the high-quality material. Tesery caliper covers will increase the luxury sense.
  6. killertofu

    Feedback on PPF results

    I recently had a full front PPF installed on my new Model Y at a local reputable installer that is well-talked about on this forum. I felt that the price was reasonable and the people were nice; however, a week later after the rain has stopped and some of the air bubbles have dried, I looked at...
  7. Tesery

    Tesery Tesla Caliper Cover

    Tesla owners are always looking for ways to enhance the appearance of their vehicles. One way to do this is by adding caliper covers to their brake system. Tesla caliper covers not only improve the overall look of the car but also provide protection to the brake system. In this article, we will...
  8. A

    Body shop to do mods in Seattle

    I’m having trouble finding a body shop in the Seattle area willing to install 3P after market mods on my late 2014 S P85D. Anyone have a recommendation?

    Vendor Tesla accessories-Floor Mats | Spoiler | Mud Flaps and More!

    Hello TMC Community, I would like to share the latest about BASENOR with this most popular community. BASENOR aims to change the Tesla aftermarket accessories by creating many innovative pieces that fit together. Add more beauty and performance to Tesla's electric luxury sedan. We focus on...
  10. A

    Lighting T Sign Emblem

    Hello, We’re all aware that Evannex has stopped production on the Lighting T logo for Teslas. However I do have the part for the Model Y specifically. Feel free to hit me up if you’re interested! Your Tesla will stick out compared to others!
  11. I

    Looking for Matte Black Metal Tesla Badges

    I'm looking for a set of OEM-sized matte black Tesla badges to replace the chrome ones. I tried purchasing badges from a company called Emblems Only. After a month of them showing as shipped and them ignoring my emails and calls, I have claimed fraud through my credit card company... sigh... I...
  12. P

    To spoiler or not?

    MY Long range AWD 19” gemini. Thoughts and comments on attaching a rear spoiler.
  13. K

    Waterless wash for glass roof?

    I just received my model 3 and have a cleaning question… live in an apartment complex that doesn’t allow car washing on site so I’m using waterless car wash spray on the exterior to remove dust, but I’m not sure what to use on the glass roof? Do I use glass cleaner? Is there something special I...
  14. J

    Part number for bottom side rails covering

    I recently noticed some of the the coverings of the bottom side rails peeling off. They seem to cover and protect steel railings of the chassis. I have removed them and am planning on cleaning the rails with a scotch pad and painting over them with POR, but would like to replace the plastic like...
  15. MichaelP90DL

    Tesla "T" Plaid Stickers!

    Somebody's getting ready for the rollout next year, LOL. Found this on RedBubble. When I get mine, gonna order a few, for the rear side windows. :)
  16. RubinRA

    Washing tips?

    Basic questions, I know, but . . . --I have protective film on the front of my M3, and ceramic coating all over. Any tips on the best way to wash these and remove road grime? What kind of detergent? Cloths? Brushes? --Also, what's the best way to clean the rear window without damaging the...
  17. SunTek

    Blog PPF is Personal – Choose What’s Right for You

    Level of protection, film finish, coverage areas…there’s a lot to consider after you’ve made that first important decision to get paint protection film for your Tesla. It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Steer clear of confusion by focusing on three key aspects of PPF first, and...
  18. Tessi Shop AU

    Vendor Best Model 3 Individualisation, Interior & Exterior (Win $200)

    G'Day Australia, hope you've had a great & successful week! As you might have already seen on the Top-Banner of TeslaMotorsClub we're 'Tessi Shop Australia', a Sydney based Tesla-Store solely focused on equipping your Model 3/Y with high quality Interior & Exterior products, whilst providing...
  19. Rshephorse

    My Door Handles are Invisible In the Dark!

    I Love the blacked out look of the car, I love the deep blue color of the car.... but as the days get shorter and the weather colder, I realize that finding the door handles is going to be a challenge, especially with gloves on! I also appreciate living and recreating in areas with little light...
  20. SunTek

    Blog 5 Ways to Prepare for a Tesla Road Trip

    Hearing the call of the open road? Overdue to explore a new place? Missing familiar faces? Thinking ahead to the holidays? Whatever your reason for a road trip, we’ve got you covered. Follow the advice here to prepare yourself and your Tesla for the most stress-free, satisfying highway adventure...
  21. MotoShield Pro

    Blog Why You Should Shield The Sun With Ceramic Window Tint

    There’s no doubt that Teslas are beautiful and stylish. Much has to do with the glass around and above passengers which give full sight of their surroundings. However, all that glass also puts the car at a higher risk for heat exposure and heat build up inside the cabin. You wouldn’t spend a...
  22. TMC Staff

    Tesla Cybertruck Could Be Tempered For Unique Colors Or Tattoos

    When you heat cold-rolled steel, you get various colors. Elon Musk says this is possible with the Tesla Cybertruck. The Tesla Cybertruck is unique in that it isn’t painted. Instead, it is just the color of stainless steel. Of course, people can choose to modify the Tesla however they want. More...
  23. eXntrc

    Road Strike, PPF Wrap and Ceramic

    This post is a request for opinions from fellow M3 owners. I bought my M3 new in early 2019. I really wish I'd done PPF at the time but I didn't. In October I had an unfortunate encounter with a metal plate that took flight and impacted my bumper. The whole event took only 1 second and...
  24. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model Y Images Show Up On Tesla Mobile App After Update

    These images of the Model Y are definitely unique. Several never-seen-before images of the Tesla Model Y have surfaced on the updated version of Tesla’s Android mobile phone app. This may also be true of the iOS version of the app, but we don’t have images from an iOS user. The images were first...
  25. bchan911

    Paint Protection Film (PPF) & Ceramic Coating

    So, now that orders are around the corner. I wanted to see and hear some insights about preference on exterior protection for Teslas and what products you recommend. Maybe it's none at all! PPF & Ceramic Coating are the big players out there, but can get quite expensive depending on how much...
  26. TMC Staff

    Musk Reevaluates Tesla Cybertruck Width: Size Matters, So Go Wide

    In general, full-size trucks are all about the same width and there are reasons for this. The Tesla Cybertruck will not be some small, mid-size pickup truck. Rather, it will be a full-size electric pickup truck and, as such, certain size measurements are expected. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had...
  27. Rodztintshop

    Vendor Rodz Tint Shop | Ceramic Pro Sale | September Only

    Rodz Tint Shop is having a one-month sale! The following conditions apply. The sale will only run from September 8th, 2019 to September 30th, 2019 This sale applies only applies to Tesla Model 3 vehicles. Please contact us for Model X & S rates. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to...
  28. Marmac

    Use Rainex on Model 3 windshield?

    According to Model 3 owner’s manual, “Do not use windshield treatment fluids. Doing so can interfere with wiper friction and cause a chattering sound.” I am having my car ceramic coated which includes 2 layers of “Rain” on the windshield. Wondering if I should decline this service?
  29. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model Y Not A Crossover, But A Tall Sedan: Says Designer

    As we all know, the lines between vehicle classes are completely blurred these days. While the Tesla Model 3 may be the best thing that ever happened to Tesla, the new American automaker is still struggling, as expected. Perhaps a small crossover or even a pickup truck should have come first? We...
  30. A

    Chrome Delete - Chicago - Model 3

    Hi, I'm taking delivery this week and the first i want to do is a full chrome delete. I live in chicago. Looking for shop recommendation from fellow Chicagoan to do a full chrome delete. Thanks, Aaron
  31. F

    New England Group Buy - Paint Protection Firm, Wrap, Tinting...

    I have a Model 3 coming so I am doing the legwork to put together a group buy in New England (RI/MA/NH). DM me if you might be interested in participating and let me know what service you want. Please DM with the following information. Email: Model: Wanted: For example: Email...
  32. WATTS-UP

    Model 3 lighted applique

    Gaging interest in a light rear applique for the Model 3. The Model S and X have had a lighted appliqué for years now. The question is, are Model 3 owners interested in creating a unique look for their Model 3.
  33. Spelly88

    Solid Black with Ultra White Interior

    I was in a showroom today doing a test drive and decided to place a custom order. I really loved the look of the White Premium interior, but it was on a white model x. I configured a solid black exterior to save a little money (I went white with carbon fiber interior). Does anyone have this...
  34. O

    Model S Doors - Exterior/Interior - Front & Rear

    Hi guys I have a few doors/door panels to sell. Any specific pics needed PM me. All are located in Houston, TX but can also ship nationwide. 1.) front right door panel, black $400 2.) front left door panel, white $400 3.) front left door panel, white $400 4.) rear right door, with glass...
  35. S

    Powder coating stock wheels on Model X

    Hello, I am looking to powder coat the stock wheels on my Model X. Also considering painting the calipers. What options do I have and what is the cost I should expect? I was reading somewhere that some folks also do ceramic coating on top of the wheels for extra protection. Thank you.
  36. Musterion

    Model S as Work Truck

    This has to be my next project, while waiting for the Tesla Pickup. Just need kids to outgrow the RFS first... Tesla Gets Smart and Rolls out Its Own Model S Repair, Service Vehicle (we already knew about the vehicles of course, but this is the first place I saw the interior details...
  37. SucreTease

    Model S gets lighted vanity mirrors

    Per this thread on Reddit.
  38. Beta V

    Touch-up Paint -- Pearl White

    Where are we supposed to find touch-up paint for Model X Pearl White vehicles? I found some colors for Model S on Shop.Teslamotors.com but none for the Model X. Some third parties have the plain white and the one item on Amazon (which says it's from Tesla) has poor reviews "Color does not...
  39. T

    Another smashed window. Thanks, SF!

    So this morning, I was reading an article from last month about the crime ring that Fremont Police busted which was exporting stolen electronics by the container-load. Bay Area car break-ins allegedly tied to international crime ring Well apparently, the ring is not totally cracked. This...
  40. KBurbridge14

    Rust on brake rotors and discolored calipers

    I've had my X for 17+ months and I noticed something today which is a new problem. Suddenly, all four (4) brake rotors are covered with rust. in addition, the screws/bolts attaching the calipers are also rusted. And, all of the calipers are discolored. See picture. Anybody experiencing this? I...
  41. selfbp

    Anyone retrofitted air suspension? Or done a custom airbag setup?

    While being overwhelmed of all the other features of the car during the ordering process, I kept telling myself that the Air Suspension wasn't that big of a deal. Long story short.. I am wrong. To the point; has anyone retrofitted the smart-air-suspension to a vehicle post-ordering process? I...
  42. SilkySmooth

    How do you close the door?

    My car is red, and it shows fingerprints very well, especially on an otherwise clean car. I prefer to close it by pushing the chrome handle to avoid printing the door, but am not sure if this is a good idea given it is mechanical. Just wondering what others do, or if no one else cares about...
  43. meomyo

    tesla needs diff headlights-the current ones stink!

    Mercedes Shows Off New Digital Headlights comeone tesla for 70-130k get with it.
  44. fataldeadlock

    Looking for Clear Wrap in Central Illinois

    I am currently awaiting delivery of a CPO Blue 2015 Model S 85 kwh with AP 1.0. The last vehicle I bought was a 2011 Mazda RX-8 which I bought new and was very disappointed by the massive number of rock chips eating away at my paint. Looking to prevent that with the Model S by installing a...
  45. Tucker48

    Rear Bumper Advice

    Had some scratches on my rear bumper, but was living with them. However, this am I backed into a friend's car... and now there's a decent puncture wound on the bumper. I'm going to swing by an autobody shop tonight but thought I'd ask you pros first. What's the going rate for a replacement...
  46. Jimmy 1

    Rear Seat Cupholders

    I absolutely love my Model 3. An incredible car. However, I thought the Rear seat cup holders are really not positioned correctly in the armrest. Hard to use. I wish they were more at the far end of the console rather tan in the middle. So I reached out to the guys at www.evampedup.com...
  47. Devanish

    Custom Aero wheel covers

    I was just looking at some old photos of the matte black M3 from the reveal event. The wheel covers which are different from the production covers got me thinking. It only makes sense that someone will in the very near future start selling custom wheel covers that look more appealing than the...
  48. ShawnA

    Plain steel fasteners on Roadster bottom pans = Galvanic Corrosion

    I was under the Roadster yesterday to program the rear antenna of the TPMS system. I had to remove the pan under the two blowers. My Roadster still has 2 motors on the fans. I was disappointed to see so many rusted fasteners on the undercarriage holding the various aluminum panels in place...
  49. F

    Pictures of all Model 3 Colors options

    We had a thread early on with the Model S that had all the colors available compiled in clear pictures. I found it very useful when I was putting my order in. I am been considering multiple colors in planning on my Model 3 order. It would be really helpful to me, and I am sure others in the...
  50. KOL2000

    Red Calipers and Hub Restoration - Professional job

    Hi Folks just wanted to post my experience with Ron over at Custom Calipers and Wheels ([email protected] - 702296-3704). He did an amazing job to give the rotors a new silver sheen (thus covering all the rust/scratches from 5 years and 55k miles of abuse) in addition to a factory-level...

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