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Nav system

  1. Padelford

    Map updates at Service Center only

    FYI, I’m in an SC waiting for a repair, and I asked about getting my Nav maps updated to reflect the new SR-99 tunnel in Seattle. I was told that the map updates are done at the SC’s only and not over the air as in the past. First I’ve heard this.
  2. gnuarm

    More Mileage Info and Flexibility When Planning Trips

    I'm not a big fan of pulling off the road to charge for 20 minutes. I can't do much in 20 minutes other than listen to the radio. I'd much prefer to skip chargers when I can and have an hour+ charge with a meal and bathroom break. But this is not so easy with the current trip planning in the...
  3. E

    Discrepancy in Google navigation compared to phone

    Hi all, do you also observe navi (old Google one, firmware 32.4, EU if it matters) planning "crazy routes (i.e 2.5 hours instead of 2 hours, navigating on pedestrian/bicycle paths, jumping out of tunnel to surface road...)? What's interesting is that Google navi on Android phone doesn't (and...
  4. mspohr

    New Nav has green sections on blue route?

    I've noticed that the new nav system shows intermittent green areas along the blue mapped route on the center display. I've tried to correlate these with traffic or road markers or road passing areas but haven't noted any correlation. When I drive along, it shows sections of the road in green...
  5. Padelford

    Where’s the Map update?

    I thought we were getting the new map data enabled this weekend. I haven’t seen my map data change. ??? Anyone seen it happen?
  6. S

    Nav system freezes

    I have a Sep 2017 built MS75D. The nav system has frozen 7 or 8 times over the past 4 months - usually after the car has been parked, at least once while driving and using the nav. Rebooting the MCU does not solve this. The only solution is to stop, and use the power off switch to completely...