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TSLA Investment

  1. A

    Bloomberg Model 3 survey participation

    recently, Bloomberg posted a model 3 survey on the Bloomberg.com home page (scroll down, its there) How do Tesla owners feel about giving Bloomberg any information regarding ownership or features on the M3, when they have done nothing but trash Tesla and gloat about Elon Musk's every failure? I...
  2. fallen888

    How high will it go?

    After a healthy rebound today, I'm sure many of us are looking forward to the Q3 earnings report release. How high do you think TSLA will go after the release?
  3. Woody17

    Production vs. Accepted Deliveries on M3

    Hello Fellow TMC-ers. As I see more and more M3s on the road in my town, I keep pondering on the idea that while Tesla may be able to produce 20k+ M3 a month, are 20k+ customers taking delivery on the Long Range M3? Is there any possibility that the cars are being stockpiled as many customers...
  4. Haxster

    Are Tesla cells going into non-Tesla products?

    I stumbled upon this on Amazon (see 3rd photo down)...
  5. N

    Playing earnings with options

    Tesla will presumably report in early November. I know many of you use options for trading to augment core positions in common stock. What y'all doing in that regard for Q3 earnings?
  6. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    This Week Tesla & Companies
  7. generalenthu

    Model 3 Delivery Estimates for Q4 2017

    This is going to be tricky with the S curve and all, so the bragging rights should be that much more valuable. I will enter my guess as 8500. Also, how this number evolves over time should be interesting to watch. You can always change your vote.