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  1. A

    Trade in US model 3 for Taiwan delivery?

    Family wants to be move back to Taiwan, but we love our Model 3 Performance. Does anyone have experience finding a freight forwarder in US that is still willing to bring vehicles to Taiwan? Preferably from Texas or California? If not, I have been thinking if it was possible to trade-in our...
  2. A

    Taiwan Model 3 Performance 2022 vs U.S. Counterpart

    I recently purchased a Model 3 Performance 2022 in Taiwan with FSD. I have been trying to find any information on the major differences between the Taiwan Tesla and its American counterpart. The Taiwan Tesla's are imported from the United States, but there are some differences on the performance...
  3. M

    Supercharger - Kaohsiung, Taiwan - Asia New Bay Area

    There is now 4 Superchargers in Kaohsiung city, they should be turned on soon
  4. A

    Model 3 is available

    Hi everyone! There's a new 2018 Model 3 available in February in USA for sale (with subsequent delivery to a buyer by sea). Configuration is expected in couple of weeks. Please let me know if you're interested !
  5. Zelik

    Valeting model X

    anyone valet their model X? Have any issues? I’m hesitant, due to the uniqueness of the car and also how wide it is.. quite afraid of letting any valets Park it!
  6. N

    Poor Service and not respect Taiwan Cusotmer

    This is a buyer from Taiwan. I pre-ordered a Model X 75D on July 8th and pay the advance deposit NT$160,000(US$53000). On Aug. 31st, Taiwan Sales informed me that I could get my car on Sept. 29th, therefore I paid the down payment NT$988,313(US$32000) on Sept. 18th and sold out my old car. I am...
  7. M

    Tesla spotting in Taiwan

    I am visiting Taiwan from Silicon Valley and was surprised to see a Tesla on my first day in Hsinchu. I am so used to seeing Teslas at home, I had to do a double take to confirm that I was really seeing a gray Model S here. It was turning toward the Science Park from Guangfu Rd.
  8. jclin

    A list of non-function features in Taiwan

    This is meant to keep track of features that are supposed to work but not yet enabled. Features unavailable to the Taiwanese spec cars will not be included (for example, the browser). Please add to this list if you see anything missing. For now (2/26/2017), one month after delivery, the...
  9. jclin


    不知有沒有車主已裝前後的行車記錄器可以介紹店家? 網上看到的接法好像不適合台灣的車。後視鏡前面美國版的空置插頭台灣版插了警鈴系統的超音波感應器。
  10. jclin

    Changes in pricing

    Now that import duty will apply to electric cars costing over 1.4 million TWD, has anyone heard whether Tesla will be adjusting their prices in Taiwan? I see the premium package has gone up by NT$23,000, the sunroof option up by NT$22,000, but everything else remains the same. Although the...
  11. TesTaipei

    Revenge of the EV showing this afternoon (Saturday 11/5)

    A few of us are going to watch this. There are two showings and we are going to the second one at 1520 at 松菸. Join us!
  12. jclin

    Production and Delivery Update for Taiwan

    I started this thread to track production and delivery for Taiwan. For the first batch of Model S orders in Taiwan, I believe we will get the cars late January next year. I received my VIN at the end of September or beginning or October, not sure which as I never received a email from Tesla. I...
  13. TesTaipei

    Need a taiwan forum - help

    Hi moderators, Tesla is already officially in taiwan with a store and customers. We now have a few posts asking for our own taiwan forum. Can you help please? Sorry I'm not sure how I'm supposed to make such requests, so apologies if this is not the right protocol. We tried posting in the...
  14. TesTaipei

    Taiwan forum?

    hi there, can you start a taiwan forum please? Thx
  15. D

    Taiwanese planning trip to LA, SF & Yosemite with Model X

    Hi everyone, I'm Andy from Taiwan. I've driven a Tesla Model S P85 in Taiwan for almost 2 years. And as my model X delivery time approaching, I decided to have a road trip from LA to Yosemite and San Francisco with my new Model X in June. I'm familiar with Tesla's charging infrastructure, yet...
  16. lx3h

    Please start new Singapore, Taiwan SubForum

    as title.
  17. araxara

    Tesla Hiring in Taiwan for Sales and Service Personnel

    I noticed the below link in the Tesla for Taiwan Facebook Page (Tesla For Taiwan) There are a total of 11 job title openings from Sales, Deliver to Service, although based on the translation there is some reference to 30 or more candidates: 台灣特斯拉汽車有限公司(籌備處)<公司簡介及所有工作機會>─104人力銀行 Sounds like...
  18. C

    EV Development in Taiwan, Luxgen EV+ and Tesla

    Whenever I go to Taiwan I'd rent a car from either IWS or CarPlus. But only recently I discovered that both of them now offer pure electric cars from Yulon Motor: Luxgen MPV EV+, tobe m'car EV and tobe w'car EV. I think it'd be quite interesting and perhaps useful to discuss the island's latest...
  19. P

    Taiwan Tesla Article

    Here is an article from a car news magazine in Taiwan. Sorry I do not know Chinese.
  20. doug

    Taiwan company may get $46M order from Tesla

    FWIW Chroma may get orders worth $46 mn from Tesla - CIOL News Reports
  21. dpeilow

    Electric Vehicle Maker Tesla to Expand Procurements in Taiwan

    Electric Vehicle Maker Tesla to Expand Procurements in Taiwan | CENS.com - The Taiwan Economic News This looks like conjecture, to be honest.